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Mauritania fishing companies join Assoittica Italy

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By Domenico Letizia.

Fish companies from Mauritania join Assoittica*, Italia’s virtual world fish fair, a planetary Digital Seafood Trade Show.

In Mauritania there are many opportunities related to fishing and local companies want to pursue innovation and sustainability to rewrite the logic of the national fishing industry.

In Mauritania, small-scale fishing is threatened by an invasive system linked to the old industrial logic: industrial fleets, often foreign, raid the rich and fishy sea to the detriment of local communities where fish is processed and not only as a fundamental source of livelihood , but also of income.

The fishing sector is one of the most important sectors for the country’s economy. The particular climatic conditions allow Mauritania to be considered one of the countries with the most productive coastal areas. The country’s largest economic center, Nouadhibou, is home to industrial and artisanal fishing, and is considered a strategic center due to its geographical position but also because it is the decision-making center of the country.

The phenomenon makes Nouadhibou one of the richest regions in the world in terms of fish resources. Mauritania is considered one of the few areas in the world where the fishing sector still has significant room for growth.

Seventeen fish companies in Mauritania, grouped around the Fédération de pêche des mareyeurs exportateurs, distributeurs et collecteurs (FPMEDC), will participate in the Digital Seafood Trade Show. The FPMEDC, chaired by Moustapha Sidi Mohamed, is a Mauritanian professional union that brings together most of the operators in the fishing sector, managed by a team of professionals and entrepreneurs. Increasing the income of local fishermen and helping to facilitate a positive economic integration of the country’s fish players for a good management of the exploitation of coastal areas is among the objectives of the historic organization that adheres to the virtual fish fair of Assoittica Italia.

Mauritania Regional Partnership for Coastal and Marine Conservation (PRCM)

Mauritanian companies participating in the virtual fair are SMMCS Sarl, Valencia Fri60, Mauritania Peche, Interpesca Frigo, Est Ndm, Cosm Frigo, Mhamed Taleb, Nord Fish, Ico Peche, Union Trarza, Ecab, Muritanibest, Ets Khalifa, Tl-Peche , El Mansour Peche and Fleur De Tatlantic. The Government of Mauritania in 2013 inaugurated a Free Zone in the region. The strategic objective of the project is to attract foreign investments and contribute to the consolidation of partnerships to bridge the infrastructure gap and promote the sustainable development of fisheries.

* Assoittica Digital Seafood Trade Show is the first world exhibition of the seafood industry entirely digital, to be held on 20-21 May 2021.

Photography by Chris Terrill.

Published in Pesceinrete by Domenico Letizia.

About the author:

Domenico Letizia Journalist. Radio speaker of “RadioAtene”. Researcher, publicist and social media manager of the “Water Museum of Venice”, member of the UNESCO World Network of Water Museums. Public relations manager of the Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Technology and Trade of Malta. Expert in geopolitics, green, blue economy, digital and agri-food.

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