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French Culture; Culture of Peace and Humanity

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By  Dr. Jahair Miller

The United Nations defined the culture of peace as a ways and behavior of life that are needed for a peaceful world. French Culture has played a good relations between societies and creates mutual interest, cooperation, and friendship in shaping world arts and cultures.

According to SDG 4.7 which has targeted the education to promote a culture of peace and non-violence by 2030; Shahin Gavanji and Jahangir  Gavanji have launched the international program in 2017 which is called “French Culture, Culture of Peace and Humanity (FCCPH)” to share the French culture between societies. More than 10000 people participated  in this educational program from 3 countries of Iran (Isfahan, Tehran) , Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore), and Afghanistan (Kabul).

In this program they teach the French culture which includes (French etiquette, peace symbol in France, and  French values), to  build bonds and interests between different cultures to make the world of friendship, since they believe that culture represents the beliefs of each societies and make a significant contribution to promote peace and friendship.

In this campaign they use the different ways to share the French culture like, brochure and street meeting since they believe that the great way to foster the values of friendship is the cultural education in all societies across the world.

In these campaign the French Traditions and Culture were put in a brochure and presented to all people who participated in this program, in the main parks and streets of each. In this campaign more than 10000 brochure were delivered.  The content of brochures include the: Language, Religion in France, French Values, French Fashion, French Art and media, Greetings, Public Behavior, also they talked about the symbol of peace and friendship in France like the Eiffel Tower, I love you wall and other places which make a significant contribution for the promotion of a culture of peace between societies

The goals of this campaign:

The main goal of this  is  to introduce the French etiquette and social norms to help people in different countries to know about the life and culture of France

Raising awareness about the outstanding  cultural and natural heritage of France to establish good relationships with French culture with the others in different countries. Building a bridge between the French culture with other societies and send a message of peace and friendship.



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