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The BAPSI Project and the webinar “Risk Disaster in Seafood Management”

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By Domenico Letizia

Over the last few decades, natural and human-induced disasters have become more frequent and increasingly destructive. Populations depending on fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihoods have become increasingly vulnerable and have been seriously affected by the loss of life and property. These disasters are beyond the control of the victims. It is therefore imperative to understand the characteristics of the fishery and aquaculture sector and the livelihood of small-scale fishing and fish farming communities from a technical, social, and economic point of view.

The webinar “Risk Disaster in Seafood Management” gave participants an overview of all types of disasters, their consequences, and why it is important to be fully aware and prepared.

The important webinar “Risk Assessment in Food Safety

Fisheries constitute the fastest growing sector meeting global protein requirements. Aside from being an affordable enterprise, it is considered a safe food source as the muscles of healthy fishes are almost sterile. However, a multitude of hazards (biological, chemical, and environmental) can be introduced into aquaculture throughout the production and supply chain. They can originate from unsuitable farming practices, environmental pollution, and socio-cultural habits prevailing in various regions. With an increasing global population and demand for aquacultural products, food safety concerns are becoming significantly evident; therefore, ensuring safe, secure, affordable, and quality food for all in a global context is pragmatically difficult.

The webinar “Risk Assessment in Food Safety” will summarize the main issues related to food safety risks, with a final debate among experts.  

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