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Leonardo’s Faces – Else Wiersma

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Celebrating Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade – 50 years of diplomatic mission

Behind the logo of the Vitruvian man, multiple employees ensure that the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade provides excellent, customized, hospitality services to all.

  • Name:  Else Wiersma
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Function: Front Office Manager
  • Department: Front Office

When did you start working at the Promenade Hotel?

September 2016, started as a management trainee.

Have you always worked in the same department?

During my internship I had been focusing on the Promenade Healthclub & Spa and later on I gained some experience in the Front Office. After my traineeship, I was offered a job as a Front Office Supervisor in the hotel.

What was the most remarkable (diplomatic) event you experienced?

A delegation of a big country from Asia in 2019 with an overnight stay.

Why was this so remarkable?

A lot of people were involved, already for a few months before the event happened.

The delegation occupied almost the entire hotel and of course their standards were very high and it involved a lot of preparation from all of our departments. For example, imagine that all the guests of the delegation wish porterage (bringing the luggage of the guest to the room and at the day of departure) at the same time. Or provide all our rooms with extra, new reading lights.

What do you consider interesting about the international guests and events organized at the hotel?

It is amazing to be part of such a delegation, that we are able to fulfill all their wishes with great teamwork, the effort and enthusiasm.

What is a (n) (international) habit that you find interesting?

That the head of the delegation needs to use the left elevator instead of the right elevator…

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