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Moving to The Hague

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By  Lindy Nikken

We all know The Hague as our elegant city; on one hand our tulipes, bikes, beaches, herring and  “stroopwafels” and on the other hand as a centre of diplomacy and negotiations. 

Then Covid appeared and it was hard; it surprised and shocked the entire world, communities, families and individuals. Suddenly time stood still, diplomats were united in isolation, business and negotiations were done from a distance and online, bowing and waving to each other at distance instead of shaking hands, washing them 20 times a day, wearing masks and gloves. 

Thanks to technology  we all managed to connect virtually and keep in touch but offices, cafes and restaurants were empty, no hugging among friends, no more spontaneous get-togethers and almost alienated from the rest of the world. And the big question: how long will it last ?

Of course all the above had impact on the housing market.

We had numerous clients, already residing in The Hague, buying properties more than ever. Times could not have been more busy than during the last 1 ½ year. Everybody needed more space, space where they could work quietly and having online meetings but also family life became more and more important because of social restrictions. 

A lot of properties were purchased from a distance and purchase prices went through the roof. The purchase market is now more tensed than it has been in 30 years. About 6 years ago consumer confidence found its way and since the beginning of Covid prices increased even more. Buying for the asking price is not possible anymore, the value is in most cases already higher than the advertised price and on top of that a buyer needs a lot of own capital to secure the house they want. 

The rental market however, with respect to family houses, was at a very low point. Home owners decreased their monthly prices, just to cover the mortgage and expenses, hardly anybody new crossed the borders to start a new adventure in another city. Since one month this also has changed, houses and apartments in each price range rent out again and we are having more and more requests from new clients to find them a nice home. 

We are extremely happy that more and more diplomats and expats are coming to our city again. Restrictions are still there but we see a change, a change that gives us hope for a more “normal” way of life. 

We have missed them and are very much looking forward to give them A WARM WELCOME AGAIN TO OUR ELEGANT CITY. 

Meike Buma

That is what our goal is for our diplomates, a warm welcome in your new home city. 

When you are coming to The Hague, a house is the first thing you are looking for, for you and your family. A home where you feel safe, in an area where each member of your family feels comfortable, where you can also go out for diner with your family and (new) friends and with nice elegant shops and cafes. 

You probably do not speak the language, you do not know where to start, what are the nice areas, how do you know you are making the right decisions and what about legal matters such as contracts and other documents etc. You will have a lot of questions and you need professional guidance with personal involvement. We will be this person for you, we will be your guide and advisor. 

We guide you from the very start until the moment you will have the key of your new home (and beyond). In most cases we have contact with our clients already the moment they take the decision to move to The Hague. We will guide you on your new adventure, a flawless process without worries, finding the right area, giving you advice and tips on all subjects and secure your perfect home. We are your partner in The Hague. 

Apart from our standard services we offer tailormade packages depending on your specific needs. We can discuss this during our personal meeting, online or at our office.

Information about Lindy Nikken Real Estate + 31 (0) 71 5622408

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