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VIII Diplomats’ Welcome After Summer Event

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Diplomat Magazine
DIPLOMAT MAGAZINE “For diplomats, by diplomats” Reaching out the world from the European Union First diplomatic publication based in The Netherlands. Founded by members of the diplomatic corps on June 19th, 2013. "Diplomat Magazine is inspiring diplomats, civil servants and academics to contribute to a free flow of ideas through an extremely rich diplomatic life, full of exclusive events and cultural exchanges, as well as by exposing profound ideas and political debates in our printed and online editions." Dr. Mayelinne De Lara, Publisher

By Roy Lie Atjam

The end of the summer and the return of the diplomats to town was celebrated in style by Diplomat Magazine in collaboration with Leonardo Royal Hotel and the participation of the embassies of Argentina and Uzbekistan.

The Diplomats Welcome After Summer reception has once again proven to be a successful occasion to assemble international dignitaries of stature: ambassadors, diplomats, Dutch politicians, business executives, judges from international tribunals, and heads of international NGO’s.

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Dr. Mayelinne De Lara, Diplomat Magazine’s Publisher, flanked by Mr Patrick Aarsman, General Manager of Leonardo Royal Hotel, cordially welcomed the guests. She stated, We like to continue celebrating the return of the diplomatic corps to The Hague, even if many have not been able to return home for over a year. Diplomat Magazine, the first diplomatic magazine in the Netherlands’ history, proudly facilitates countries, without distinction, to promote their political, cultural, and economic visions. Diplomat magazine pridefully contributes to the international dialogue among nations.

H.E. Mr. Fernando Arias, OPCW Director General and Patricia van Oordt.

Dr De Lara was followed by H.E. Mr. Dilyor Khakimov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan and H.E. Mr. Mario Oyarzábal, Ambassador of Argentina.

The program featured a plentitude of items, music, dance, exotic food & beverages as well as a fashion show. Argentina showcased her world-famous wines and a sensational Tango dance performance by the professionals Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldine Rojas. The group Antimufa delighted the guests playing Tango and Argentinian folk music with a refreshing moderm twist.

Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldine Rojas.

The Brussels-based Uzbek designer Dila Izamova presented her label Merossi, a fusion of millennial Uzbek silk and 21st century modernity, producing unique creations in limited editions.

Other Uzbek designers present at the event included: Umida Muminova, Fashion Home Muresak and Dilnoza Erkinova. The entire fashion show was under the oversight of the nestor of Uzbek fashion, Madam Xalida Kamilova, president of the Association of Uzbek Fashion Designers: “Osiyo Ramzi”.

NATO, Brigadier General Margarit Mihaylov presented a recognition plate to H.E. Mr. Dilyor Khakimov. Also in the picture Dr De Lara and colonel Anvarjon Akbarov, Liasion offier of the Mission of Uzbekistan to NATO.

In his address H.E. Mr. Dilyor Khakimov Ambassador of Uzbekistan welcomed the many guests. The Ambassador went on to mention:  “This year Uzbekistan is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its Independence. The years of independence saw an extensive work aimed at building a new state and society. Our ancient history, national identity, rich cultural heritage and spiritual values ​​have been revived.

Today, under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev we are building on those accomplishments and continuing large-scale democratic reforms at a dynamic pace, which are aimed at strengthening the political and legal foundations of our state and society, modernizing the country, strengthening the role of parliament and political parties, and public control.

Uzbek fashion show, Designers’ Association of Uzbekistan.

The large-scale reforms which are underway in the country today mark the beginning of a new stage in our development – the era of New Uzbekistan, the New Renaissance. And today we have every reason to say that over a historically short period, a completely new atmosphere has been created in the country in the political, legal, socio-economic, scientific, spiritual and cultural terms.

In this regard, I am also pleased to say that our ties with the Netherlands are developing at a rapid pace.  Netherlands for Uzbekistan has traditionally been a source of advanced technologies, knowledge, investment, and innovation in the economy, as well as an important partner in the formation and strengthening of democratic institutions, development of parliamentarism and civil society, the principles of a market economy, key sectors of public life, health, education, and many other areas.

H.E. Mr. Riaz Hamidullah, Ambassador of Bangladesh and H.E. Mr Pradeep Kumar Rawat, Ambassador of India.

We do appreciate the fact that European partners look at the new, changing Uzbekistan, perceive the country with a completely different view, and we can say that they are rediscovering it for themselves.

In this regard, I am pleased to inform you that a number of large investment projects are currently being implemented in Uzbekistan with European partners, of which the largest ever investments came to Uzbekistan from the Netherlands, namely the Dutch company Stone City Energy which is implementing a 1 billion euro project to build a thermal power plant in Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan.

H.E. Mr. Jorge Skinner-Klée Arenales, the Ambassador of Guatemala with Jan Dop, Director of Diplomatic Desk at from Russell Avocaten.

This and a number of other large projects give us the confidence that that Uzbekistan is emerging from the most difficult period of the global crisis.

The upcoming presidential elections on October 24th  2021.

Over the past five years, major changes have taken place in the electoral legislation of our country which raised our electoral system to a new level of quality. For the first time in the history of Uzbekistan, the next presidential elections will be held on the basis of the Electoral Code, adopted in June, 2019.

These elections are an extremely important political event that will be monitored by observers from nearly 50 countries of the world, as well as dozens of international organizations, including the full mission of OSCE ODIHR. 

H.E. Mr. Dilyor Khakimov, Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan will do its best to ensure that upcoming elections are held on the basis of high democratic standards, growing political consciousness, and awareness of the citizens of the new Uzbekistan.

Before proceeding to the next stage of the evening, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my dear friend Mayelinne De Lara for initiating this event and being so enthusiastic and supportive.

In conclusion, with great pride and honour  I present to you this evening the best works of famous Uzbek fashion designers of national and modern dresses. With the great assistance of the “Symbol of Asia” Designers’ Association of Uzbekistan and personally its chairwoman Xalida Kamilova, we have received the works of best Uzbek couture that we happily showcase this evening” End quote.

The Diplomats’ Welcome After Summer Event certainly is a great occasion for networking and promotion.

Clingendael Director, Drs.Ron S. Ton, Netherlands Institue of International Relations and H.E. Mr. Jose Eduardo Malaya, Ambassador of the Philippines.

Attendees availed themselves of the opportunity to explore authentic Uzbek cuisine. Chef Mr. Sayfidi Mirzaev prepared a variety of dishes, including the world-famous and exquisite Uzbek Plov, Pilav or Osh. This classical dish proved to be a delight among our international friends.

Further on the program was a special motorcar show; Lexus presented their latest development to the Diplomatic Corps, the upcoming 2022 luxury collection.

H.E. Mr. Mario Oyarzábal, Ambassador of Argentina.

The second part of the program was dedicated to the co-founder of the Welcome After Summer Event in 2013; the Embassy of

Argentina, who is back at the event showcasing their Malbec and Torrontes wine, tango dancers, Argentinian musicians, a video featuring a diversity of attractions in every province including the great Buenos Aires along with an exhibition of pictures, brochures, crafts and wines.

H.E. Mr. Mario Oyarzábal, Ambassador of Argentina delivered his welcome remarks. In part, this is what he said “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues, dear Ambassador of Uzbekistan, with whom we are sharing this event today, together with Diplomat Magazine. It is a great pleasure to be here this evening.

I´d like to start by thanking Mrs. De Lara and her team for hosting once again this VIII edition of Diplomats Welcome After Summer.

As many of you know, the Argentine embassy has regularly participated in this annual event, since its first edition 8 years ago. For us it´s a real pleasure to be part of this activity where the diplomatic community of The Hague meets again at the end of the summer.

H.E. Mr. Marc-Anthony Pace, Ambassador of Malta, H.E. Mr Tigran Balayan, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia and H.E. Mr. Philippe Couvreur, Judge ad hoc, International Court of Justice.

For tonight we have prepared a tango show that will be performed by the Argentine dancers, Ezequiel and Geraldina, and a music show by Antimufa, a group of Argentinean musicians who are building on the musical tradition of the Río de la Plata, bringing back its spirit and flavor with a distinctive instrumentation. They play tango and Argentinean folk music.

This year, we are also delighted to invite you to visit the wonderful tourist destinations in Argentina, through videos and photographs.

Argentina has many particularities that have traveled the world in the mouths of its visitors. The easy-going personality of its people, friendly, fun and effusive; the typical gastronomy that goes from asado to mate, including regional dishes and sweet milk snacks; the traditional dances such as tango or other folklore expressions, with the different choreographic forms that it adopts in each region; the passion for Football and our main clubs and players, the fans,  which fill stadiums and provoke proliferating demonstrations of support on every match; the typical games such as Truco, a card game in which luck and the ability to lie or deceive the opponent prevail, or the horse games in the outskirts of the city that reveal the strong influence of Spanish culture and the persistence of popular traditions; and, of course, the personality that each particular region has been able to maintain and strengthen over the years.

Argentinian wines.

We truly hope that in the near future you will be able to visit our country and enjoy its hospitality and natural beauties, as well as its gastronomy and wines.

We are truly proud to say that Argentina is a wine country that can be discovered and enjoyed from north to south. It offers a stunning diversity of terroirs and unparalleled natural beauty which along with the warmth of its people make it ideal to enjoy a unique experience. Hopefully tonight, through music and wine, you will all have a taste of our country!” End Quote

The VIII Diplomats’ Magazine Welcome After Summer reception was a memorable and festive occasion to connect with partners and colleagues after a long time. All left the Leonardo Royal Hotel in high spirit.

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