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Business Circle – Residentieorkest Tours Amare Theatre

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On 9 September 2021, the members and prospective members of the Business Circle Residentieorkest had the opportunity to acquaint themselves  with the  monumental new Amare Theatre.

After an introductory speech by General- and artistic director of the Business circle, Mr. Sven Arne Tepl, visitors were warmly welcomed to the tour.

Other speakers were: Anouk Talitsch – board member Business Circle. Jan Zoet – director Amare Theatre.  Leontien Wiering  business director Amare Theatre.

The Amare’s architect Mr. Thomas Offermans

The architect  Mr. Thomas Offermans of Jo Coenen Architecten & Urbanists shared the Amare story with the visitors.

 As of early 2022, the 6th floor of the theatre will become the home of the Royal Dutch Conservatory. The official inauguration of  Amare theatre is set for November 2021.

The Amare Theatre, a colossal edifice in The Hague aims at becoming the venue for arts, education and meetings.

Introductory speech by General- and artistic director of the Business circle, Mr. Sven Arne Tepl.

The Concert Hall has 1500 seats, the Dans theatre (the theatre hall) has 1300 seats, the Conservatory Hall has 600 seats and the Amare Studio has 200 seats.

The building is 125 meters long, 38 meters high and 70 meters wide and has a floor space of 54,000 square meters.

It has been a pleasure and honour to have a preview of the majestic Amare Theatre. Bravo!

A concert and reception concluded the fabulous tour.

First Amare Tour for the exclusive Business Circle’s members.


Photography by Mr Wouter Vellekoop.

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