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Bremen welcomes Ireland’s Dr. O’Brien

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Wednesday, 10 November 2021, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany: The Irish Ambassador in Germany, Dr Nicholas O’Brien went to Bremen to undertake his inaugural visit to the Senate, that is to say, the Bremen City-State Government.

Representing the Governing Mayor Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte, Dr. O’Brien was received by Kai Stührenberg, State Councillor to the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe, at the Town Hall. There, Ambassador O’Brien also signed the Golden Book.

Subsequently Ambassador O’Brien encountered the Speaker of the Bremen Diet, Frank Imhoff, as well as the Chair of the Parliament’s Committee on Federal and European Affairs, International Contacts and Development Cooperation, Susanne Grobien.

Stührenberg thanked Dr. Nicholas O’Brien on behalf of the Senate for the Republic’s interest in intensifying contacts with the City-State of Bremen. There have already been talks on this between the Ambassador and the State’s Plenipotentiary in Berlin, State Councillor Dr. Olaf Joachim. The latter fits in well with Ireland’s close ties to the EU, especially in times of Brexit. The Senate is very aware and welcomes Ireland’s strong support for the idea of a common Europe.

State Councillor Stührenberg said as per statement below: “Ireland is a reliable partner within the EU. Given my responsibility for Europe, I am very interested in Ambassador O’Brien’s views on Brexit and the implications for Ireland. Especially on the still difficult issue related to the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland. In addition, I would like to discuss how Ireland would like to shape its relations with the German states in the future, and of course with Bremen in particular, and what opportunities this may create for Bremen.”

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