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Leonardo’s Faces – Birgit Gorel

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Celebrating Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade – 50 years of diplomatic mission

Behind the logo of the Vitruvian man, multiple employees ensure that the Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade provides excellent, customized, hospitality services to all.


Name: Birgit Gorel

Nationality: Dutch/German      

Function: Front Office Employee

Department: Front Office

When did you start working at the Promenade Hotel?

I started working at the Promenade Hotel per 1 of November 1987.

Have you always worked in the same department?

No, at first, I worked in the shop, where I was selling magazines, cigarettes and jewelry.

What was the most remarkable (diplomatic) event you experienced?

The Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague 2014.

Why was this so remarkable?

The entire event. For instance, because of the world leaders attending the summit, including Barak Obama. We also had the privilege to welcome some other Presidents. Every time when a President arrived or left, the entire staff that was present that day, lined up to for them. Either we welcomed them, or we said goodbye. Right next to the Front Office we had a control center and security. The latter was organized because the whole city was marked with different risk levels and the Promenade hotel was assigned to the highest risk level area.

What international habit, tradition or event that you have observed, appeals to you? Why?

When the new herring arrives in the harbor we celebrate ‘Vlaggetjesdag’ in Scheveningen. To celebrate this Dutch custom, all boats that arrive in the harbor blow their horns. So, there is a lot of sound coming from the harbor area. Related to this event, the Promenade Hotel annually organizes the ‘Herring party’.

What do you consider interesting about the international guests and events organized at the hotel?

Our Promenade Food Festivals. A chef from the country is flown over, and of course the country’s Embassy is present as well. It is a culinary experience that is not only focused on the dishes prepared by the chefs, but it is also about experiencing some cultural customs from that specific country.

What is a(n) (international) habit that you find interesting?

The Embassy’s national days. It is interesting to see how much effort people make and how proud they are of their country. It is nice that we may experience a part of these traditions as well.

Another interesting habit, is that when a new ambassador arrives that he will be picked up by a delegation in a Royal carriage that is transported by horses, to visit the king and introduce him- or herself.

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