Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Leonardo’s Faces

Leonardo’s faces – Julia Roelen

The Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade is represented by both new and more experienced employees working together with passion.

Leonardo’s Faces – Gabor Balint

"I have had the opportunity to work during several diplomatic events ever since I started working in  the Promenade Hotel. According to my observations, diplomats value precision, punctuality and some ‘’sweet and short’’ conversation. I definitely had to push myself into rethinking and optimizing my time managing skills. Multitasking and flexibility turned out to be my most trusted aids." Gabor Balint.

Leonardo’s Faces – Birgit Gorel

Birgit Gorel talks about her job at Leonardo Royal Hotel and her engagement with diplomatic events there.

Leonardo’s Faces, Suzy Rosaria van Buren

Suzy Rosaria van Buren works at Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague. Suzy started working in 2017 and remembers how nervous she was the first day at the hotel.

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