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Leonardo’s Faces – Fabio Gorel

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The Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade is represented by both new and more experienced employees working together with passion as one team, to deliver great service and to depict the hotel’s values. In these monthly written pieces, there is a focus on their values and their approach to our international clients. Who are the employees as an individual? Allow us to introduce you to introduce Fabio Gorel, employee of the year 2021.

  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Function: All-round Food & Beverage
  • Department: Food & Beverage

I started working here in September 2017. I guess my first impression was quite different from most employees here. My mother has been working at the hotel’s front desk for the past 34 years, so when I was younger, she would occasionally take me with her. I remember celebrating Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas) when I was about 6 years old. I also may or may not remember knocking a very expensive painting off the wall on by accident. Back then, the atmosphere of the hotel felt very formal and exclusive, or at least to little me. It was a place for rich businessmen in suits, smoking cigars.

What makes the Promenade Hotel suitable for welcoming people from all around the world?

The staff. We have people working here from all over the world, all with their own life experiences and stories. These stories really reflect upon how we work here. We all have our own identity, opinions, and values. And we, as a team, try to use these values to make international guests feel as welcome as possible.

What do you value most in the organization of diplomatic events at the Promenade Hotel?

The way in which we can transform the hotel into a completely different place. When we have a big diplomatic event, 95% of the work is part of the behind the scenes and preparation. I really enjoy these events because that is when we really work as a team the most. It’s when we are at our best. I also like how flexible we can be in accommodating basically anyone.

What did you learn so far by working with diplomats? Some tips, rules or values to share?

That all of us are not so different as we may appear. I have met a lot of diplomats from all over the world since I started working here. What I have learned, is that deep down we all have similar emotions and needs, though one should remain be mindful of (potential) cultural differences and traditions. It is just the way in which we express these needs that differ. My tip would be quite obvious: Search for the things we can all relate to and identify with. That is the best way to make connections.

Doing nothing is not a choice”

Which Food Festival has been your favorite so far or would you like to experience?

My favorite Food Festival so far was probably the Peruvian edition, because it was the first Food Festival I got to experience. The atmosphere was great, and it was the start of something bigger. I would love to experience a German Food Festival, because I am partially German.

What local food(s), from abroad, have you tried already?

One of the benefits of working in the Promenade Hotel is that you get taste a lot of different foods. It would probably be easier for me to list the areas from which I have not tasted any foods yet.

What is your favorite drink or dish at LEO’s International Flavors?

The Sticky Chicken!

The Sticky Chicken! I really like the new menu in general, but this one really stands out for me.

What sustainable development goal do you value most? Why this one?

No SDG is completely independent of the other ones, but the one I believe solves the most fundamental issues of our time is “No Poverty”. We, as humanity, cannot sustain any sort of meaningful change if we cannot sustain ourselves. In my opinion, lifting people out of extreme poverty will also help us achieve many other SDGs in the process. It gives the poorest people on earth a platform from which they can develop their skills, get educated, and to make meaningful change within their communities.

“No Poverty”Lifting people out of extreme poverty will also help us achieve many other SDGs in the process. 

Of course, this will increase the stress on our planet in the short term, but it also decreases child mortality, thereby indirectly combating overpopulation, whilst simultaneously creating the ability for brilliant new minds from these nations step forward, become innovators, and effective leaders. This, to me, is the only way we can achieve strong, worldwide partnerships, to tackle the problems of humanity.

What piece of good advice did you receive, and from whom, that you would like to forward?

“Doing nothing is not a choice.” From my parents. We have control over so much more than we often make ourselves believe.

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