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The girl with the beaded eyes

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By Alexandra Paucescu

I first met her on a little terrace, near the Vatican doors, in Rome, in a lovely summer day. I still remember that I was instantly struck by her beauty and I also noticed her necklace, which perfectly complimented her outfit and tanned skin.

Later on, I discovered her passion for jewelry, which she is now transforming into business.

Arpi Arakelyan was born in Armenia, is a linguist and journalist by training and worked in a state sector for several years, until she had the encounter of her life.

’I met my husband at a friend’s place, and we started to secretly examine each other right away, during that evening, pretending as if we were not interested in each other at all…He later became the man who really changed my life’.

She admits that the beginning of her diplomatic life was a bit difficult, it meant giving up many things and it brought changes to her life.

She tells me: ‘First I “lost” my job and I realized that from that moment on, there will be no stability in my life, in this regard. It was very difficult to prepare myself psychologically. Anyway, I started a totally new life with my beloved husband. However, this drastic change almost coincided with another great change, the birth of my daughter, which I’d say, was an irreplaceable motivation for me.’

Arpi Arakelyan

And from there, the series of Foreign Service missions began, known to all of us, who live a diplomatic life. She says that, no matter where she will be in a few years, most important is to be together with her family.

‘It was in 2015 when I first moved to Lithuania, where my husband was posted as a diplomat. Lithuania is my ‘’first country and first love’’, also because my baby girl was born there. The second posting is now, in beautiful Italy.’

And she continues telling me that moving to Italy, being surrounded by all that beauty, offered her the inspiration to start this new adventure in life, that of creation and art…

‘’Vivien Wearing’’  by Arpi Arakelyan

‘I have always loved painting and design. Those were my long time hobbies. I was circulating something in my mind for a long time about what I should do with my passions and my spare time.  Then, all of a sudden, the idea of ‘’Vivien Wearing’’ arose. It was unexpected, but in the meantime, it was close to my heart, as I am a jewelry lover. Thus the idea has been developed quite quickly afterwards.

I would really like “Vivien Wearing” to be a nice example to my daughter and maybe to others, too, show them the possibility of starting anything and anytime from zero.’

She designs colorful and feminine necklaces, all from natural stones and materials.

Her eyes sparkle like her precious beads, when she talks about her new found passion.

‘I plan to continue creating, non-stop’, she says candidly.  ‘When women feel themselves more feminine and beautiful while wearing my creations, that is when I consider my plan fulfilled. It’s my goal.’

I truly admire her passion and I like to see motivated young women who try to reinvent themselves and to prove that there is always more behind the diplomatic titles… we are not just diplomatic spouses.

She says that ‘diplomatic life can be difficult, because when you live in a foreign country, the sense of responsibility multiplies. You also never stop adapting, it’s an endless process.The most common perception of an easy-going life is thoroughly wrong.’

Arpi Arakelyan

But it seems to me that, although she is very young and has a whole life of experiences and discoveries in front of her, she has already learned, with wit and wisdom, many of the secrets of a fulfilled diplomatic life abroad and found her true calling in art.

‘Create continuously and find time for goodness!’ she says… indeed, my dear Arpi, let’s all try to do that!

Arpi Arakelyan

About the author:

Alexandra Paucescu

Alexandra Paucescu- Author of “Just a Diplomatic Spouse” Romanian, management graduate with a Master in business, cultural diplomacy and international relations studies.

She speaks Romanian, English, French, German and Italian,  gives lectures on intercultural communication and is an active NGO volunteer.

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