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Ambassador Kosovo Presents Credentials

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By Roy Lie Atjam

On Wednesday 26 January 2022, the ambassador-designate of the Republic of Kosovo Prof. Dr Dren Doli, presented his letters of credence to HM King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. The new ambassador arrived by state coach, escorted by horsemen from the Royal Netherlands Mounted Police. Ambassador Doli was accompanied by his spouse and by Counsellor Besnik Ramadanaj.

Dren Doli the man: before his appointment, Dren Doli was most recently a Professor of International Organizations, International Human Rights Law, and Diplomatic- and Consular Law at the University of Pristina. Doli is co-founder of the Group Legal and Political Studies, a reputable Think Tank organization in Kosovo.

On the presentation day of credentials before the King, Ambassador Doli was accompanied by his spouse and by Counsellor Besnik Ramadanaj.

Furthermore, Dr Dren Doli is the author/co-author of many articles a contributor to two books. Ambassador Doli holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Prishtina, a Master’s Degree in European Legal Studies, with distinction, from Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, University of Hamburg, and holds a Doctorate in Public International Law from the University of Hamburg. Ambassador Dren Doli is married with two children.

Back at the palace, the presentation of the ambassador’s letters of credence was followed by a brief conversation with the King. Ambassador Doli heartily briefed the King about developments in Kosovo regarding socio-economic development, peace and stability. Prior to the presentation of his letters of credence, Ambassador Doli was invited to inspect the Guard of Honour at the Palace.

The Ambassador od Kosovo, H.E. Dr. Dren Doli and the King of the Netherlands.

According to protocol, Ambassadors are officially accredited from the moment that the King accepts their credentials. Therefore Dren Doli is now the envoy of the Republic of Kosovo to the Netherlands. He assured His Majesty of his commitment to continue deepening the links that have united the two countries over the years.

Diplomat Magazine salutes ambassador Dren Doli, he has several projects and aspires to achieve most of them. Diplomat Magazine wish Ambassador Dren Doli every success during his stint in the Netherlands.


Pictures by Jeroen van der Meyde.

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