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The Latin America Table  at Societait De Witte is Back with a Bang

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By Roy Lie Atjam

The Hague – The Latin America Table came to life as invitees packed the Groenezaal at Societait De Witte, on Thursday 11 March 2022. Being the first time in two years since the last “Table” was held due to a number of restrictions on social gatherings. Guests were welcomed with a glass of wine, courtesy of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

H.E. Mr. Juan Bautista Durán, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in the Netherlands had the honor to deliver the first discourse of 2022. His theme, The new foreign policy of the Dominican Republic. Among the Ambassadors and Diplomats in attendance were:  Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico.

Sonia Meijer, Chair of the Latin American Table presented the vice-chair Jorge E Colombo Taricco.

Ambassador Duran and Sonia Meijer, Chair of the Latin American Table.
Sonia Meijer, Chair of the Latin American Table with Ambassador Duran. With Ms Meijer, the  vice-chair Jorge E Colombo Taricco, member of the Latin American Table at De Witte.

Here follows a resume of what Ambassador Juan Bautista Durán had say. “One of the distinctive achievements of the government led by President Luis Abinader has been his new approach to the Dominican Republic’s foreign policy.

As an Island Developing State, defender of multilateralism and a developing economy, the Dominican Republic has established three foreign policies objectives: (1) Protection of Dominicans abroad; (2) Increased exports and increased foreign direct investment to generate jobs; and (3) Promotion of the values of democracy and human rights. 

Referencing to the first objective of the new Dominican foreign policy, our country is deeply convinced that one of the main responsibilities of any State is precisely the protection and effective assistance of its nationals abroad.

In fact, it is necessary to highlight the significant contribution of the diaspora to the Dominican economy during the pandemic. According to the estimates of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic,  in the month of August 2021, the remittances received reached a figure of US$872.0 million, surpassing by US$102.2 million those registered in August 2020. The institution points out that, when contrasted with August 2019, the year before the pandemic, remittances in August 2021 showed a growth of 38.8%, about US$243.6 million more.

Dr Sabrina Dinmoham

In the same vein,  and within the framework of his official visit to New York City to participate in the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Dominican president led an event dedicated to the diaspora, where he thanked them for their economic contribution through   remittances, and recognized that it is the country brand of the Dominican Republic.

According to the “Preliminary Report of the Dominican Economy period January-August 2021”, prepared by the Central Bank, total exports of goods reached US$8,127.9 million, which when compared with the same period of 2019 (pre-pandemic), increased  by  10.1% during the current year. These numbers are a reflection of the increasingly successful insertion of Dominican products in international markets.

Regarding the foreign direct investment, the Dominican Republic was listed by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), as the first destination for foreign direct investment (FDI), as of July 2021.

According to ECLAC estimates, the country has captured an investment volume of 1,127,000 million dollars. The proposals come from the United States, Spain, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and El Salvador.

The exponential growth of foreign direct investment is the result of a series of institutional reforms implemented by the government, such as the Law of Regulatory Improvement and Simplification of Procedures, better known as “zero bureaucracy”, which seeks to facilitate administrative processes for the construction of a modern, efficient State at the service of the citizen; the promulgation of a new Law of  Customs, with the purpose of harmonizing the Dominican customs system with the highest international standards;  the project to turn the Dominican Republic into a regional logistics hub.

H.E. Mr. Mario Oyarzábal, Ambassador of Argentina and Ambassador Duran.

In another order, of the values the promotion of democracy and human rights are enshrined as the third axis of Dominican foreign policy.

The country has increased its participation in the various regional and multilateral organizations, in order to conclude strategic alliances with those states with which we share the values of democracy, freedom, respect for democratic institutions and the most fundamental rights of the individual, as is the case of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It should be noted that links with the Kingdom of the Netherlands are developed on the basis of specific objectives, with a view to range of possibilities offered by bilateral relations with this important partner for the Dominican Republic. Given its potential and expertise in world trade, in port and maritime transport, the fight against climate change, sustainable development and environmental protection.

Mauricio Torres Cordova, Minister Counsellor of Mexico, Ambassador Duran and spouse, the Ambassador of Costa Rica, H.E. Mr. Arnoldo Brenes Castro and the Minister Counsellor of Ecuador. Mr. Oscar Izquierdo.

The management of work carried out by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of the Netherlands embodies the vision of the government of President Luis Abinader and Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez.

The idea of maximizing trade and investment opportunities, through its diplomatic and consular service. In addition to this, the work plan of the embassy contemplates increasing the visibility of Dominicans who take pride in our flag, within the framework of activities that highlight  our culture,  history, gastronomy, art, sports; but the most important of all and highlight the most valuable asset we have … Our people!”

In the centre of the picture Ambassador Juan Bautista Duran with his spouse Maria Jimenez de Duran. From the left we can see Ms Lucero Taina Fernandez, Asistant; Ms. Gema Royo, First Secretary, Ms. Santa Susana Soto Soto, Minister Counsellor and Dr. Sabrina Dinmoham wearing the Dominican Republic national costume. After the ambassador and spouse, there is Minister Counsellor – Deputy Head of Mission Ms. Acsamary Guzman Nina, Ms Yvonne Cocco Jimenez, Director of the Tourism Office and Mr. Yannai de Keizer,

Ambassador Juan Bautista Durán, took questions from the audience such as the management of the COVID 19 Pandemic, the position of the Dominican Republic in the current Russian Federation – Ukraine situation. Further, the relationship with neighbouring Haiti, notably the construction of a wall between the two countries.

A successful and informative evening, it concluded with a dinner.

Photography by Roy Strik for Diplomat Magazine.

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