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Inter-American Institute on Justice and Sustainability – New Perspectives

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The Inter-American Institute on Justice and Sustainability (IIJS) to Present New Perspectives in Building Bridges Between the Public and Private Sector in Order to Achieve Sustainable Development.

The Inter-American Institute on Justice and Sustainability, located in Washington, D.C, will present today new perspectives to contribute to sustainable development in cooperation with some of the principal stakeholders, from the public as well as private sectores, who will assume a central role in accelerating the transition to a green economy.
The presentation of these innovative proposals with hemispheric collaboration will take place on May 26th, 2022 in the capital of the United States of America, within the framework of the official in-person launch of IIJS.

We must remember that IIJS, an organization led by women with a unique differentiated gender perspective, arose just before the pandemic as an “Institutional Startup,” a new model of social entrepreneurship, that is, in essence, private but with a public interest socioenvironmental mission. IIJS is a hemispheric platform with a global reach, with specific experience in countries. As its slogan states, the focus of this international Startup is grounded in bridging justice, sustainability, and prosperity.

This proposal highlights the development of cutting-edge solutions for nonconventional challenges that are not only related to sustainability and justice, but offers transversality across all sectors, supported by experience, and focused on the innovation and knowledge of different political socioeconomic contexts in the hemisphere.

In times of fast paced emerging and evolving challenges in environment, climate, health, economic and social wellbeing, its mission to strengthen the rule of law and good governance is all the more important.

The IIJS provides expertise, strategic technical policy assistance, and facilitates capacity building programs.


The IIJS brings together key justice system stakeholders, country institutions, multilateral and regional financial development institutions, and the private sector as partners and allies to promote efforts for justice and sustainability in the Americas.

The IIJS is pledging to support multi-stakeholders’ efforts and roles on environmental and climate justice, as well as on the sustainability of business, development, trade, and investment practices which are critical for human rights, as well as environmental and social compliance in the Americas.

On this formal launching — postpandemic, that is– after two years of arduous work, the Executive Director of IIJS, Claudia S. de Windt, highlights that “IIJS is born out of the necessity for concertation and innovative approaches to end the fragmentation through certainty and sustainability to confront the scenarios of today and of the future.”

Alongside the Executive Director de Windt, two founding partners of the Inter-American Institute on Justice and Sustainability will participate, Sheila Abed and María Amparo Albán, experts in environmental law, who will lay out the challenges in an agenda of integration in pursuit of environmental justice.

Additional attendees will include Gustavo Alanís-Ortega, founder and Executive Director of the Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental (Mexican Environmental Law Center—CEMDA), member of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) and the Climate Change Advisory Committee in Mexico, Francisco Naranjo, Director of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil- RSPO and the Vice President of Technology and Innovation of Sherritt International, Nathan Stubina, along with other international stakeholders.
Highlighted Ex-Officio members include Scott Fulton, President of the Environmental Law Institute and Ricardo Lorenzetti, ex-president and current minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina.

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