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The Latin American Table, Sonia Meijer inspiration

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“In 2015 I launched the Latin American Table at Nieuwe of Littéraire Sociëteit De Witte, a traditional fascinating club which the statutory  objective to promote the mutual communication of its members mostly focused in literature, the fine arts,  history and Sciences” says Sonia Meijer to Diplomat Magazine.

Her professional career and her strong and enterprising character, has led her to achieve boundless accomplishments, among them, the design of this Latin American platform. It is a prestigious scenario in The Hague to showcase issues related to Latin American States and having as guest speakers foreign ambassadors, political and cultural figures from the Netherlands and overseas.

“There were 190 tables from different countries at Sociëteit De Witte, but none of them pertaining to Latin American matters. I immediately saw the opportunity and the need to open the first Latin American Table at Nieuwe of Littéraire Sociëteit De Witte.” As the Honorary Consul of El Salvador and Founder President of the bilateral Chamber of Commerce El Salvador-Holland, Mrs. Meijer has been actively searching for increased export-import business opportunities for her homeland, El Salvador.

The Latin American Table is an open get-together for all members of the Club, and for non-members by invitation only. The original four Latin American tables per annum has increased by demand. All lectures are in English.

The Latin American Table board of directors chooses cautiously each guest speaker. Meijer has invited ​​some 40 speakers addressing different topics.

“I am always keeping in mind my country, El Salvador. Our regional cultural characteristics keep us united, the main reason to call this project The Latin American table. Indeed, some events are exclusively dedicated to El Salvador, where are invited famous Salvadorian artists like Camilo Minero, Rodolfo Oviedo Vega, and the like.” Expressed Honorary Consul Sonia Meijer.  

“I would like to thank all our guest-speakers participating at the Latin American Table. A very special gratitude goes to Diplomat Magazine, the very first diplomatic magazine in the Netherland’s history, founded by and for diplomats.  

I look forward to a successful Latin American Table to many years to come.

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