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Slovak and Czech authorities take action against right-wing terrorism

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A 22-year-old suspected of committing several terrorist and extremist crimes has been arrested in Slovakia. In an action supported by Eurojust, Europol and the United States, Slovak and Czech authorities searched two locations and seized a 3D printer and printed metal parts of weapons, computers and other electronic devices.

According to the investigation, the arrested suspect is believed to sympathise and promote far-right white nationalist movements such as the neo-Nazi ‘alternative right’, the ideology of ‘accelerationism’ and the ‘Siege culture’.

The suspect allegedly participated in several subversive and sabotage activities and acts of terrorism with the objective of publicly inciting the overthrow of the democratic political system. He shared photos of glorified far-right extremists to publicly support their activities. He also committed several extremist crimes.

He allegedly published instructions and diagrams for the production of improvised cold steel weapons, the domestic production of automatic firearms made in combination with printable parts on a 3D printer and homemade metal parts, and the production of explosives and mines. He also shared guidelines on how to carry out sabotage attacks.

The case was opened at Eurojust in 2021 at the request of the Slovak authorities. The Agency supported the authorities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic by setting up and funding a joint investigation team (JIT) into the case. One coordination meeting took place in Slovakia to share information, decide on a common strategy, and facilitate cooperation with the United States and Europol.

During an action day on 11 May, one suspect was arrested and one location was searched in Slovakia, where a 3D printer, computer and other electronic devices were seized. In the Czech Republic, one location was searched and a number of 3D printed metal parts of weapons were seized during an action day on 23 May.

The following authorities took part in this investigation:

  • Slovakia: Special Prosecutor’s Office, the Presidium of the Police Force of the National Crime Agency
  • Czech Republic: Regional Prosecutor´s office Brno, National Organised Crime Agency Prague
  • United States: Federal Bureau of Investigation
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