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Dr Gutmann received by Premier Boris Rhein

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Monday, 8th August 2022, Wiesbaden, Hesse, Germany: During the inaugural visit of US Ambassador Dr Amy Gutmann to the State Chancellery, Hesse’s Premier Boris Rhein emphasized how important close cooperation between Hesse and the United States of America is to him.

The new ambassador took office on Thursday, 17 February this year.

During her visit to the Hessian State Chancellery, U.S. Ambassador Dr Amy Gutmann said: “The joint commitment to our democratic values and the transatlantic partnership are more important today than ever. I am grateful for Germany’s reliable support and cooperation. I am particularly grateful to the State of Hesse for its comprehensive cooperation at the economic, political and military levels. This also includes our joint efforts to promote the exchange of trainees and students. Fostering an exchange between the next generation of citizens and leaders ensures the future of our relationship with Germany.”

Hesse and the USA hold a special relationship

Premier Rhein also recalled the “special relationship” between Hesse and the United States. After the end of the Second World War, he said as per original statement in the German language, that the USA had contributed significantly to the reconstruction of the country. Today, Hesse is an important economic partner and a major base for the American military.

More than 1500 companies have now settled in Hesse, and over 15,000 Americans live and work in the region. In addition, the European headquarters of the United States Army is based in Wiesbaden, capital of the federal state.

“Hesse has also maintained a partnership with the state of Wisconsin for more than 45 years. It is the oldest regional partnership in our state and is considered the first between an American state and a German federal state,” said Premier Rhein.

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