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Monthly Archives: August, 2022

Leonardo’s faces – Marc van Oostveen

Marc van Oostveen who is working at Leonardo Royal Hotel explained why his hotel is the best place for internationals.

Ensuring the independence of the legal profession in the context of constitutional reform in Uzbekistan

The government of Uzbekistan is ensuring the independence of the legal profession in the context of constitutional reform.

Rights of Nature: an evolving movement

The Rights of Nature is new legal paradigm becoming increasingly popular, mostly in the Global South.

Ubi Brute?

In the short run, the world will face severe shortages, and Russia will get more money for less oil and gas. Starting in very few years, however, the demand for fossil fuels will go down sharply.

Most-Favoured Nation: Renaissance or Requiem

The trade preferences through the Most-Favoured Nation remains one of international trade law’s core principles but it is changing due to recent events in Ukraine, with several states revoking MFN as a sanctioning tool.

From the Tuscan hills to the world

Francesca Andreini is an Italian diplomatic spouse and a writer, she has managed to define her role into the diplomatic world and find her own path, while accompanying her husband.

To Overcome Climate Change Crisis and Hungry in the Middle East and Africa

Many people in the Middle East and Africa were watching this great crisis caused by climate change and Ukraine war with concern for their own states.

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