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Monthly Archives: August, 2022

Bangladesh National Day of Mouring 

Ambassador of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in the Netherlands observed a solemn National Day of Mourning on the 47th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the  Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The Embassy Festival Presents the Best of 50 Countries

Embassy Festival will bring together over 50 nationalities sharing their finest foods, musicians and performers.

Indonesia Celebrates Hari Kemerdekaan – Independence Day

Indonesia organized a flag-raising ceremony to celebrate its 77th anniversary of independence , the ceremony was leaded by Ambassador Mayerfas

ASEAN has Celebrated its 55th Anniversary

ASEAN countries celebrated its 55 anniversary ASEAN is the most promising and dynamic market in the world a population of more than 650 million and a GDP of about 4 trillion USD in 2021.

Controversies around Amnesty’s report on Ukraine

violations of international humanitarian law are committed by all belligerents and Russia’s warfare on Ukraine is shedding further light on the need to protect civilians in the context of intensified urban warfare. In Ukraine, overtaking cities is of strategic value for Russia and is part of their warfare tactics. The terrain thus becomes very complex with the inevitable proximity of the military with the civilian population.

Dr Gutmann received by Premier Boris Rhein

US Ambassador Amy Gutmann visited Hesse's Premier and said "The joint commitment to our democratic values and the transatlantic partnership are more important today than ever."

China issues white paper on Taiwan’s “separatists”

After several days of Chinese military maneuvers around Taiwan, the People's Republic of China through its embassy in The Hague has circulated a new white paper making clear its policy on Taiwan and defining how Beijing plans to take over the island through economic incentives and military pressure.

Ambassador Al Kuwari salutes the Swiss Confederation

The State of Qatar's top envoy to the confederation addressed the Swiss government and people in a multilingual message.

Conflicting values and conflicting narratives: the case of Russia’s war on Ukraine

Analyzing the conflicting narratives and values of Russia's war on Ukraine at the Peace conference in London.

Khalid Fahad Al Hajri represents Qatar in Belgium and Luxembourg

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Duke of Nassau, welcomed for his accrediation, HE Ambassador Khalid Fahad Al Hajri, who presented to the world's only remaining grand duke, the best regards from His Highness The Emir of Qatar and the people of his homeland. 

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