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Monthly Archives: September, 2022

The CFC celebrates 33 years of impact

The CFC had approved 448 projects worth USD 937 million, involving 70 commodities in 99 countries.

What to watch for at SCO Head of States summit in Samarkand

14 heads of state who jointly represented half of the world’s population gathered in Samarkand. The Samarkand Summit has already been called historical as its decisions and outcomes became the game-changer for the whole Eurasian continent.

Migrant smugglers using private aircrafts grounded in Belgium and Italy     

Supported by Eurojust and Europol, judicial and law enforcement authorities in Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and the United States dismantled a criminal network involved in migrant smuggling, document fraud and money laundering.

On the forthcoming SCO summit

The 22nd summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be held on September 15-16 this year in Samarkand, and will be the largest diplomatic event of the year in the Central Asian region.

Viet Nam brought typical culture and agricultural products to Embassy Festival

H.E. Mr. Pham Viet Anh Ambassador of the Republic of Vietnam promoted Vietnamese culinary culture agricultural products at Embassy Festival.

Russia’s war in Ukraine, the backdrop to Pope’s Kazakh visit

Russia’s war in Ukraine and the Holy See’s strained relations with China are the backdrop to Pope Francis’ visit this week to the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan.

Why is Pope Francis visiting Kazakhstan?

Once again Pope Francis is visiting Kazakhstan. Why? Two main reasons are mentioned here; first attending the Congress Leaders of the World Religions and secondly, meeting with the Russian Orthodox leader, Patriarch Kirill.

The SCO Samarkand Summit: Dialogue and Cooperation in an Interconnected World

President Mirziyoyev talks about the modern system of international cooperation, which is in a deep crisis of trust at the global level, provoking a geopolitical confrontation and the risk of reviving the bloc thinking stereotypes.

Uzbekistan and SCO

Uzbekistan’s participation in the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, is of particular importance.

Queen Elizabeth II has died God save the King

We deeply felt the death of Her Majesty the Queen who reigned over 71 years with great sense of duty, responsibility, total dedication and wisdom.

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