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Monthly Archives: September, 2022

The Ethical Framework: Virtue Ethics, Consequentialism, and Deontological Ethics in International Affairs

Analysing the application of an Ethical Framework in foreign policy, the biggest issue with ethics in the field of international relations.

Meet Brigid and her diplomatic baggage

the writer of Diplomatic Baggage - Brigid Keenan was born in India from Irish parents. Her father was an officer in the British Army, so she spent her first 9 years of life among the spices and strong colors of India.

Thailand recognizes Catholic churches after 93-year wait

The government of Thailand has officially recognized three Catholic churches after a 93-year wait in a bid to foster religious harmony in the Buddhist-majority nation.

Eritrea seizes control of Catholic-owned college

The Eritrean government has seized control of a Catholic-owned technical school.

The Embassy Festival Presents the Best of 50 Countries

The Embassy Festival Presents the Best of over fifty nationalities, through sharing their finest foods, musicians and performers.

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