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Ecuador Celebrates its 213 Independence Anniversary

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By Roy Lie Atjam

The Embassy of Ecuador in the Netherlands hosted various activities on 16,17 and 20 September 2022, celebrating its  213 years of Independence.

It started with a presentation on the extension of the Galapagos marine reserve. On June 28, 2002, in order to make the local community aware of Ecuador’s contributions to the conservation of the environment and nature, as well as for the purpose of promoting the tourism and investment in this sector, H.E. Ambassador Andrés Terán Parral made a presentation on the background and effects of the expansion of the Galapagos marine reserve and the agreements established with neighboring countries, which has placed this presidential initiative at the center of world attention.

This event was attended by an important audience from the Sociëteit De Witte in whose facilities developed the presentation, also with the assistance of several friends from Ecuador, colleagues and personalities who contribute to the dissemination of the priority interests of Ecuador. In addition, articles on the central theme of the event were published in the newspapers “The Holland Times” with which a wide spectrum of diffusion was covered, as well as in the monthly magazine of the Sociëteit De Witte itself, which is a Dutch private entity of very high social and economic hierarchy. The central objective was to identify potential stakeholders in cooperation and investment in Ecuador.

On September 16th, 2022, an official reception celebrating the National Day of Ecuador took place at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague, which was attended by nearly 200 people, including authorities from different Dutch entities, businessmen and the diplomatic community.

The event had various sponsors. Air Europa donated two air tickets Amsterdam – Quito, which were raffled during the reception, as well as looms, and ponchos were donated by the Dutch-Ecuadorian company “Ecuafina” and hats donated by “Ecualanda” owned by compatriot Tania Peláez, who also set up an attractive stand to demonstrate to attendees during the reception, the art of weaving toquilla straw hats.

Ecuadorian roses were offered to the Embassy by the company Farm Direct. On departure attendees were presented roses.

Travel agencies and other companies (Nutreco), added to the positive impression of Ecuador’s relationship with Dutch companies, also Dutch exporters and importers.

The official National hymn of Ecuador and the Netherlands were performed by the Ecuadorian singer living in the Netherlands, Carolina Peña, with piano accompaniment, which was appreciated and praised by the attendees.

In his official National Day address,  H.E. Ambassador Andrés Terán Parral, emphasized the political, diplomatic and commercial relations between Ecuador and the Netherlands, and highlighted the favorable conditions offered by the current National Ecuadorian Government, for investment in various economic sectors of the country. The Ambassador  referred to the bilateral and multilateral relations with the Netherlands,  evidenced during the recent bilateral political consultations held on September 12, in the city ​​of Quito.

Ecuadorian chef Héctor Tapia.

The reception featured Ecuadorian snacks made in cooperation with Hotel Leonardo and the Ecuadorian chef Héctor Tapia, who traveled from Ecuador and was sponsored by ProEcuador  commercial office in The Hague.

Other events, a business breakfast on September 16, 2022, at the Leonardo Hotel and was attended by several Dutch businessmen and company representatives.

The Ambassador thanked the attendees and highlight the potential that exists for investors to expand their investments in Ecuador. The director of the office Commercial of ProEcuador, Mrs Andrea Montoya, made a presentation publicizing in greater detail business and investment opportunities in the country.

Gastronomic Festival of Ecuador

The Embassy together with ProEcuador coordinated the participation of Ecuador in the gastronomic festival promoted annually by the Leonardo Royal Hotel and Diplomatic Magazine. On 16 – 17  September 2022, chef Héctor Tapia offered various flavors and gastronomic traditions at the Ecuadorian Food Festival on 16th September.

Mrs Eleni Godevenou, Attache, Embassy of Greece and Mr. George Lellis.
Oscar Izquierdo, Minister Counsellor of Ecuador and guest.
Mme Esther Mambo Epse Ekwalla and the Ambassador of Cameroon, H.E. Ms. Madeleine Liguemoh Ondoua.
H.E. Mr. Andrés Terán Parral, Ambassador of Ecuador, H.E. Mr. Andrés Terán Parral.

H.E. Ambassador Andrés Terán Parral opened the festival in the company of chef Héctor Tapia and Embassy officials, thereby fulfilling an important aspect of the promotion of the strengths of Ecuador, such as its attractive gastronomy, which encourages complementing the tourist interest in the country.

The Embassy invited sponsoring companies to the National Day reception and the food festival.

H.E. Mr. Andrés Terán Parral, Ambassador of Ecuador.

The celebration of the 213 years of Independence also included a piano concert by Aarón Ormaza Vera, at  Sociëteit De Witte on 20 September, which was well attended and had a high turnout. The Embassy received many positive reactions.

By means of  these activities, the Embassy has made a wide deployment of resources of various kind to position Ecuador in a visible place with a favorable impact that leads to the opening of  opportunities for the benefit of the  interests of Ecuador.

Aarón Ormaza Vera
Aarón Ormaza Vera

These were eventful Ecuadorian days in the Netherlands.

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