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Crackdown on cannabis-trafficking criminal network: 12 arrests   

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Authorities in France and Spain have taken action against an organised crime group involved in trafficking of cannabis. Some members of the network belong to the same family. Eurojust coordinated and supported the action, which led to the arrest of 12 suspects and the seizure of several luxury items.

The case was opened at Eurojust in April 2022 at the request of the French authorities. Two coordination meetings were hosted by the Agency to facilitate judicial cooperation, including the execution of two European Arrest Warrants and one European Investigation Order in Spain and the preparation of the joint action day.

During the joint action day on 13 October, 12 suspects were arrested, 9 in Spain and 3 in France. Eleven places were searched in Spain and five in France. Seizures include EUR 45 000 in cash, as well as 12 vehicles.

  The following authorities took part in the operations:

• France: Tribunal Judiciaire de Paris and Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire (Narcotics Unit)

• Spain: Juzgado de Instrucción (Investigative Court) Nº 8 in Málaga, Fiscalía Provincial (PPO) in Málaga; Policía Nacional (Group 1 UDYCO Costa del Sol Málaga)

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