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Geovanny Vicente-Romero, Hispanic Leader in the US, Joins the G100 as Global Advisor and Member of The Denim Club 

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Geovanny Vicente-Romero, writer, CNN en Español columnist, strategist and professor at Columbia University formally joins the G100 as Global Advisor on Mentoring & Motivation a committee led by Yanire Braña. At the same time, Vicente-Romero has been recognized as a He-For-She Champion for The Denim Club, a group of male figures that work to close the gender equality gap by promoting equity and more opportunities for the recognition and visibility of female leadership.

According to the latest Global Gap Index of World Economic Forum, Iceland, Finland, and Norway continue to occupy the top positions compared to other countries such as the USA occupying position 27, followed by Mexico (31), Argentina (33), Peru (37), Panama (40) or Colombia (75). This index, which was presented for the first time in 2006, measures the magnitude of the gap between women and men in terms of health, education, economy and political indicators.

G100 is an empowered group of 100 women leaders from across the world, leading 100 global wings, supported by 100 He-For-She champions (Denim Club) and 100 Country Chairs for powerful advocacy, awareness & impact across governments and organizations for a gender equal future.

For the very first time, a powerful global group of women and men has been constituted to address challenges and drive solutions across 100 different sectors. With engagement and exchange, the G100 enables gender equality to be viewed and pursued by all as an urgent social and economic imperative toward co-creating a better future for us all.

The G100 offers the myriad strengths and resourcefulness of its network and knowledge in the service of all solutions that further women’s equality, empowerment and leadership.  The group believes that when the force of our solutions exceeds the force of our problems, the mountain of change will move – the shift will occur. They are fostering a critical mass of a million gender champions to enable the tipping point. 

G100 is also supported by The Denim Club: Group of 100 He-for-She Champions globally, comprising leaders and luminaries from the business, corporate and political domains, each leading a sector of influence and having their companies and institutions in support of gender parity and equality. They will advocate for gender equity and balance, mitigate barriers to women’s leadership, commit to women’s greater C-suite representation, and fuel funding for female founders.

The founder of this club, Dr. Harbeen Arora said, “we are very honored that leading leaders from around the world join us in solidarity to advance our common cause of gender equality. Geovanny strengthens the He-For-She Denim Club Champions in support of the G100, by promoting mentoring and motivation. Together we can achieve important milestones for equality and empowerment in this same decade and this way we do not have to wait 100 years to achieve gender equality”.

Geovanny Vicente-Romero, who was recently recognized as one of the 100 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD 100), within the framework of the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York, brings his experience to the G100 and the Denim Club.

“The incorporation of Geovanny is key to being able to foster greater visibility and recognition of the work that G100 is doing in terms of mentoring, as well as helping identify the entities committed to closing gender gaps across mentoring”, says Yanire Braña, who has more than twenty years of experience leading programs and activities aimed at closing gender gaps in Spain, the US and Latin America.

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