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Monthly Archives: November, 2022

IFTF2022, the Netherlands flora-hub, a gate for Rwandan flowers

This year’s IFTF marks the sixth time Rwanda has attended and remains an excellent opportunity to showcase Rwanda’s growing floriculture sector and increase the visibility of the “Rwandafresh – Quality Horticulture Products” brand.

Eurojust enables hearing in judicial investigation of Qatar-based owner of Málaga football club

Eurojust has enabled the formal hearing of the Qatar-based owner of the professional football club Málaga CF and three of his sons, as part of a Spanish judicial investigation.

The role of the Court’s Registry: an actor behind the scenes

ICJ main function is to adjudicate on inter-State disputes through binding judgments and to render advisory opinions on legal questions submitted to it by the United Nations or other international institutions authorized to do so.

Art and Culture in Pakistan

What an exceptional and exclusive opportunity it was for about thirty members and guests of the Arts Society The Hague to be invited to Pakistan House  on Friday 14 October! The Special Event was organized by the Embassy of Pakistan in cooperation with the AS The Hague, on the subject of contemporary trends in art and culture in Pakistan.

17th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business (APK)

Singapore hosted the 17th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business (APK), Germany’s most important economic conference for the thousands of German companies in the Asia-Pacific

Endless efforts and practical actions of Tajikistan in addressing water-related challenges

efforts and practical actions of Tajikistan in addressing water-related challenges - Dedicated to the upcoming UN 2023 Water Conference

Perspectives On The Cocoa Sector in Ghana

While Ghana cocoa sector's overall contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) is about 3.5 percent, it makes up about a quarter of total export receipts, while also providing about two-thirds of cocoa farmers' incomes.

Leonardo Faces – Sven Lispet

Sven Lispet is a personal trainer at Leonardo's Healthclub, he said: Good Health & Well-Being - The society can benefit from choosing the right things to eat, the right proportions to eat and to have a healthy lifestyle in general.

1st of December, Romanian Great Union Day

By H.E. Mr. Lucian Fătu, Ambassador of the Republic of Romania to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Every 1st of December, Romanians proudly recall the...

A Leap into the Light

She is the kind of woman who enjoys life and embraces all the opportunities that it presents. Merry and kind, she spreads good vibes wherever she goes. Every day is to be lived to the fullest. Staying active is her way of life, and I am not joking about it… our first meeting started with a walk of almost 10 km through the forest, after which she still seemed quite fresh... me, not so much... I discovered Paola Fornari

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