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 Malvinas 40 years  

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Presentation of the Commemorative Medal for Malvinas veterans in connection with the  “Malvinas 40 Years Agenda”.

With an intimate and solemn ceremony in the Malvinas Argentina’s Room and with the presence of a group of Argentine citizens living in the Netherlands and coming from different backgrounds: students, officials of international organizations, scientists, journalists, business representatives, relatives, among others, the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in The Hague presented a significant tribute to the veterans of the Malvinas.

The year 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the South Atlantic conflict, and Argentina has launched the “Agenda Malvinas 40 years”, which has as its main axes to highlight the recognition and tribute of the Argentine people to the fallen, their families and the Malvinas veterans.

Argentinian embassies around the globe are carrying out different activities in memory of fallen veterans.

“In his speech, His Excellency the Ambassador of Argentina to the Netherlands, Mario Oyarzabal, explained: “With the recognition and tribute to the Malvinas veterans, we want to deepen the dissemination and visibility of Argentine sovereign rights over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas and the persistence of a sovereignty dispute -recognized by the United Nations- still unresolved today.

“It should be recalled that in 1982, at the time of the hostilities in the South Atlantic, Argentina was governed by an illegal and illegitimate military dictatorship, which acted with its back to the Argentine people and departed from Argentina’s traditional commitment to the principle of peaceful settlement of international disputes and, in particular, to the search for a peaceful solution to the question of the Malvinas Islands.” Declare ambassador Oyarzabal.

” Throughout all democratic governments, the Argentine Republic has consistently rejected the use of force and has continuously shown its willingness to engage in bilateral negotiations as a means to reach a peaceful solution to the dispute, in accordance with the resolutions of the General Assembly and international law.

Argentina has repeatedly expressed its willingness to dialogue with the United Kingdom on all issues related to the “Question of the Malvinas Islands” and maintains its firm will to negotiate in order to find a peaceful solution to the sovereignty dispute in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations and multiple pronouncements of the international community”.

The Malvinas War in 1982 resulted in the loss of numerous Argentine lives who fought in the conflict with the legitimate conviction of defending the national interest.

Within the framework of the Malvinas agenda, the Argentine State designed a Presidential Commemorative Medal, which was produced by the Mint and which during 2022 will be given to Malvinas veterans; to the families of those who died in the South Atlantic Conflict; and to those veterans who died post-conflict.

H.E. Mr. Mario Oyarzabal, Ambassador of Argentina during his speech.

The Argentine Embassy presented the commemorative medal to two Malvinas veterans living in the Netherlands: Mr. Edgardo Higinio González, and Mr. Gustavo Enrique Monti. “This medal is an enormous and eternal gratitude from all the Argentine people for their fight and patriotism; for defending our flag and our territory. Your example, inspires us to continue working to find a peaceful solution to the sovereignty dispute.” said the ambassador.

Gonzalez, who at the age of 22 was one of the 90 volunteer private pilots who participated in the war, emotionally dedicated his medal to his fallen comrades and remembered his commander and other comrades who perished. Monti a Navy soldier who was at ARA General Belgrano cruiser said: “the real heroes are those who lost their lives in Malvinas, we only have the mission that they are not forgotten”.

After Ambassador Oyarzabal’s speech, there was a video message by the Minister of Malvinas, Antartida and Atlantico South, Ambassador Guillermo Carmona from Buenos Aires.

There is a commemorative plaque with the motto “Malvinas unites us” at the Malvinas Argentina’s Room.

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