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Iran’s National Day Reception Celebrates Unity and Tradition

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By Phd Lorenca Bejko

On the 9th of February, 2023, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Netherlands hosted a celebration in honor of the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the National Day of Iran at the Iranian house in Wassenaar. The event was attended by more than a hundred people. H.E. Dr. Alireza Kazemi Abadi, Ambassador of Iran to the Netherlands, and his spouse, Leila Kazemi, were honored at the event, which brought together ambassadors, diplomats, scholars, and lovers of Iran.

The visitors were welcomed with Iranian hospitality and a huge buffet of traditional Iranian food, which was a wonderful start to the day. The finest examples of Iranian cuisine, from savory meals to an amazing dessert table, were presented to the visitors as a special treat. In addition, carpets and works of art from Iran were shown to illustrate the country’s extensive cultural history.

Ambassador Kazemi and his spouse Leila Kazemi at the Iranian residency welcoming the many guests during the National Day of Iran..

Ambassador Kazemi took advantage of the opportunity presented to him during the continuation of the event to declare the conclusion of his mission in the Netherlands and spend time conversing with the attendees.

It was a moment for thinking back on the work that had been accomplished during his stay in the Netherlands and expressing gratitude for it.

Guests at the 44th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the National Day of Iran at the Iranian residency in Wassenaar.

Ambassador Kazemi emphasized the significance of Iran maintaining its traditions and cohesiveness throughout his remarks. He emphasized the history of the nation as well as the resiliency of the Iranian people by saying, “Iran has encountered many problems throughout the years, but we have always remained strong and unified in the face of adversity.” He was referring to the fact that Iran has endured numerous hardships over the years.

Ambassador Alireza Kazemi Abadi during his speech.

“In the past four decades, Iranian people have gone to the polls for many times to actively exercise their freedom, including for 3 referendums to decide on their desired political system and the constitution as well as for over 40 nation-wide elections to elect their governments, representatives and officials.

However, the fact is that the exercise of the right of self-determination always comes at a price. We have bitterly learned that we can only rely on ourselves and our people’s talent. We had no choice but to invest on own capabilities and enablers.

Foreign military aggression and 8 years of imposed war taught us to locally develop our military capabilities and do not waste our time by waiting for others to come to help us. Similarly, economic sanctions made us to realize that we need to explore all the high-tech fields and industries, be it medicine or nuclear science. That is why neither our military capabilities nor our nuclear energy advancements are up for negotiations or compromise.”

In addition to this, he underlined how vital it is to preserve cultural traditions and to honor the enormous variety that is found within Iranian culture. “Our cuisine, our music, and our art – all of these are aspects of our history that we must continue to respect and pass on to future generations,” he added. “Our legacy includes everything from our culinary traditions to our musical and artistic expressions.”

H.E. Mr. Slim Ghariani, Ambassador of Tunisia and Ambassador Kazemi.

People of all walks of life came together at the event to celebrate Iran’s National Day in a way that was both meaningful and unforgettable. They did so in order to acknowledge and value the country’s extensive cultural heritage and historical heritage. After attending the event, participants were able to get a better knowledge of Iran and a greater respect for the people who call Iran home.

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