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The Chilean delegation is slated to take part in the upcoming World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition

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By Dr. Lorenca Bejko

Chile is taking the global stage to promote its renewable energy potential at the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition. This is a clear testament to the country’s commitment to sustainable energy and becoming a leader in the industry.

ProChile is set to participate in a significant event that will convene key global leaders in the green hydrogen industry. The organization will provide support to a delegation comprising over 55 companies, and will also have a stand at the event. Consequently, the nation will persist in its approach of endorsing Chile’s globalization efforts with the aim of establishing its status as the foremost competitive forthcoming provider of sustainable energy on a global scale.

ProChile is set to spearhead Chile’s involvement in the World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition for the second year running. The event, slated to take place from May 9 to 11 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, will convene key players in the global hydrogen sector.

The country of Chile will be represented at the upcoming event through a designated stand. The purpose of this stand is to disseminate information to visitors regarding the various energy potentials that Chile has to offer. Additionally, the stand will serve as a central location for the Chilean delegation, to engage in dialogue with their international counterparts.

Approximately one hundred executives hailing from significant Chilean corporations, government institutions, and officials from the Ministry of Energy and InvestChile, as well as local government representatives, including the mayor of the municipality of Mejillones, Marcelino Carvajal, are slated to partake in the conference with the aim of establishing connections with key industry stakeholders.

The Ministry of Energy places significant importance on convening public-private meetings of this nature. The utilization of green hydrogen is deemed essential in Chile’s trajectory towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Diego Pardow, the Minister of Energy, has expressed the government’s dedication to leveraging the potential of the country and enacting public policies that facilitate the attainment of global leadership in the production of clean fuel and its byproducts.

Chile, Torres del Paine

The assistance provided by ProChile.

The involvement of ProChile is situated within the context of a dissemination strategy aimed at promoting the potential benefits of the H2V industry for Chile. This effort is complemented by the institution’s ongoing efforts to facilitate connections across the global green hydrogen supply chain through its network of regional and commercial offices.

The nation collaborates with primary ports to establish eco-friendly corridors for the purpose of exporting sustainably produced hydrogen and ensuring its efficient distribution across diverse markets.

The establishment of partnerships with multiple nations and ports is crucial for Chile to enhance its global standing. It is imperative that we persistently strive to extend invitations to the international community to progress collectively in the ongoing energy transition, with the aim of contributing to the betterment of the entire planet. According to the speaker, the involvement in the significant World Hydrogen Summit is a component of a cooperative approach between various governmental bodies and private enterprises. This approach will enable a hundred delegates from our ecosystem to showcase the immense potential of our nation to the global community.

The Chilean delegation will include the participation of the Empresa Nacional del Petróleo (ENAP) and the Chilean Hydrogen Association (H2 Chile) this year.

According to Gloria Maldonado, the chairwoman of ENAP’s board, the company has a strong dedication to the energy transition and possesses distinctive capabilities and strategic assets in key areas that have the potential for the advancement of H2V and its derivatives in Chile. ENAP has formulated an all-encompassing strategy for the Magallanes region, aimed at promoting the growth of the H2V sector in Chile. This plan involves streamlining requirements and restructuring current infrastructure to mitigate any negative effects on the environment and local communities, in line with the region’s energy regulatory framework. Hence, it is pertinent to effectively communicate and distribute this Plan on a global scale, such as through participation in the World Hydrogen Summit, to facilitate increased logistical and investment capabilities in Chile.

According to Marcos Kulka, the Executive Director of H2 Chile, the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam serves as both a platform for showcasing and a strategic gateway to Europe. This event provides an opportunity to present the potential of hydrogen to industry leaders on a global scale, thereby further establishing Chile as a valuable partner in this field. It is imperative to strive towards achieving carbon neutrality, given Chile’s potential to provide eco-friendly copper, lithium, energy, and fuels as substitutes for the environmentally detrimental fossil fuels.

The establishment of a worldwide platform for green hydrogen.

The Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) collaborates with the City of Rotterdam, the Province of South Holland, and the Port of Rotterdam to host the World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition, which is a preeminent forum devoted solely to the progression of the hydrogen sector. The upcoming event is anticipated to attract in excess of 8,000 attendees from over 100 nations, comprising influential individuals tasked with making critical decisions on a global scale. The gathering will serve as a platform for establishing priorities, unveiling fresh initiatives, and cultivating novel partnerships that are integral to the advancement of the complete hydrogen value chain.

The Summit will assemble prominent companies from the hydrogen ecosystem to present their projects, innovative technologies, new products, and essential services for all facets of this expanding industry. This event will feature a world-class exhibition, technical seminars, and the Hydrogen Awards Ceremony, highlighting the significance of hydrogen in decarbonizing the planet.

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