Saturday, December 9, 2023

ICC Office of the Prosecutor launches public consultation on Policy on Complementarity and Cooperation

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The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Mr Karim AA Khan KC, is pleased to announce a public consultation on the Office’s new draft Policy on Complementarity and Cooperation .

Focused on the core principles of cooperation and complementarity at the heart of the Rome Statute, the paper distils a range of integrated measures and policies that can bring about a paradigm shift in the relationship between the Office of the Prosecutor, national authorities and other accountability mechanisms , and victims and survivors of atrocities globally.

In highlighting the importance of stakeholder consultation on this policy, Prosecutor Khan stated, “Rather than viewing itself as the apex of the international criminal justice movement, my Office must embed itself as a hub at the center of our collective accountability efforts. To realize this objective, we cannot limit our aspirations to simply being an effective investigative and prosecutorial body.”

“We must establish ourselves as a strong and effective partner for national authorities, providing prompt and impactful assistance in addressing serious crimes falling within the scope of the Rome Statute cooperation regime, and demonstrating our relevance and value from multiple vantage points.”

The Office welcomes comments on the substance of the policy and encourages proposals as to how it may be enhanced. The Prosecutor emphasizes that partnerships and engagement are essential, including in developing the Office’s approaches to policy and practice.

Comments can be sent to by Monday, 13 November 2023, midnight, CEST . All input received by the deadline will be carefully considered in the internal review and revision process.

The Office welcomes comments from all stakeholders, whether States (Rome Statute Parties or non-Party States), civil society, regional and international institutions, academics, survivor groups or individual partners.

The Office of the Prosecutor is grateful for the interest and support of all partners for its activities and initiatives.

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