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Indonesia International Flavors – Why is Indonesian food so delicious?

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By Roy Lie Atjam

Yet another authentic Indonesian flavour Festival at Leo’s Restaurant in The Hague. Indonesian Fine Dining Festival, taking Rawon and Rujak petis and other dishes to the next level. The food festival on 13 – 14 October 2023 was organized by the H.E. Ambassador Mayerfas and his team, in collaboration with Diplomat Magazine and Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague. The atmosphere was sublime.

Paintings and photo exhibitions from Gallery Lukisan (Bergen Op-Zoom) at Leonardo Royal Hotel.

H.E. Ambassador Mr Mayerfas delivered the following cordial welcome remarks.

“People often ask me these two questions? Why is Indonesian food so delicious? Well, it is because it is made of fresh spices and herbs. And then what is the most delicious Indonesian dish? I will say Nasi Padang. But maybe another 200 million people in Indonesia doesn’t agree with me. People may say Rawon, Babi Panggang, Konro, or Papeda.

In fact, Indonesian cuisine is as diverse as the people, the ethnicities, and the culture, stretching along the archipelago from Aceh to Papua. Imagine if you want to taste each and every one of them, it will need more than a lifetime journey to do that. This evening, Chef Agus and Chef Sido will take you to a culinary journey through their unique creation, presentation, and interpretation of Indonesian cuisine.

Indonesian culture.

But before that, allow me to thank Mr. Thomas Kortleve, the General Manager of Leonardo Royal Hotel the Hague, for your warm welcome, also for the good cooperation from you and the hotel staff, to make the event this evening happened. I also wish to thank Indonesia Diaspora Network the Netherlands and Diplomat Magazine for their support in organizing this event.

My appreciation also goes to Gallery Lukisan, Javara, Kutus Kutus, Stichting Aniadi Arts, and Stichting Peduli Seni Indonesia for participating in the exhibition and giving wonderful entertainment.

Chef Agus Hermawan and Chef Sido de Brabander; Mr. Thomas Kortleve, the General Manager of Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague at the micro.

Last but not least, special thanks and appreciation for Chef Agus Hermawan and Chef Sido de Brabander, who have been working hard and professionally in preparing a unique and exceptional dinner for us this evening. So, on this special occasion, I would like to present a token of appreciation for the Chefs.“

Ambassador presented the certificates  to the Chefs and Madam Virna, spouse of the Ambassador presented the flower bouquets to the Chefs.

Indonesian Flavors

The Embassy of Indonesia issued the following “Indonesian Fine Dining Event – Taking Rawon and Rujak Petis to the Next Level
It was a full house. For two days in a row, the dining hall of Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague Promenade was fully booked. Guests sat in anticipation while wondering how homemade food like Pecel, Pindang, and Rujak would be presented on fine dining plates.

Chef Agus Hermawan (Indonesian guest chef) and Chef Sido de Brabander (host chef at Leonardo Hotel) did their magic and showcased an 8-course dinner, which gave a new and exquisite look but kept the original taste of the food and left the diners in awe.

Sinom, or a traditional drink made from turmeric, tamarind, and palm sugar, is served on ice as a welcome drink. On the dining table, a sequence of the menu was served beautifully: Horn of Tomato; Vegetable Salad Ball; Tempeh Salad; Sea Bass in Balinese broth; Assorted Satay (chicken, goat, and venison); Rawon (slow-braised beef in dark soup); and Rujak Petis (fruit salad).

Madam Virna, spouse of the Ambassador presented the flower bouquets to the Chefs.

More than 200 guests attended the Indonesian Fine Dining Event on Friday and Saturday, 13-14 October 2023 at Leonardo Royal Hotel the Hague. The event was inaugurated by Ambassador Mayerfas together with the General Manager of the hotel, Mr. Thomas Kortleve, and the Chairwoman of Indonesian Diaspora Network the Netherlands (IDN-NL), Mrs. Lany Pradjarahardja.

The guests also enjoyed the side events, organized at the atrium of the hotel. There were paintings and photo exhibitions from Gallery Lukisan (Bergen Op-Zoom), and Indonesian spices products fairs from Javara and Kutus Kutus. A special entertainment of Indonesian culture was also showcased through various traditional dances, such as Sekar Jagat (Bali); Jaipong (West Java); Sekar Pudyastuti (Yogyakarta) and Piring dance (West Sumatera)”

Indonesia, a wonderland for food lovers and foodies!

Ambassador Mayerfas with guests.

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