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Arrest of Swedish target suspected of major drug trafficking

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Coordinated arrest of Swedish high-value target suspected of major drug trafficking

Eurojust has supported the authorities in Sweden, Serbia and Montenegro in the arrest of a Swedish national suspected of being part of an organised crime group (OCG) involved in drug trafficking. After his arrest in Serbia, a procedure was initiated for his extradition to Sweden. During a joint action day also supported by Interpol, the authorities conducted house searches in Serbia and Montenegro and seized important evidence.

The suspect, previously convicted for similar crimes, is suspected of both aggravated narcotics- and weapon-offences, and illegal possession of explosives. He has recently been residing in the Balkans, from where he is believed to have continued his criminal activities in Sweden. He allegedly controlled his subordinates in the OCG remotely and directed them to carry out several criminal activities, such as the trade of vast quantities of narcotics and weapons.

Some of his accomplices have been already convicted and others are under criminal investigation.

At the request of the Swedish authorities, Eurojust organised an action day, with the involvement of the Agency’s Serbian and Montenegrin Liaison Prosecutors. Support was also provided with the execution of an International Arrest Warrant and requests for Mutual Legal Assistance.

The operation was the result of several months of close cooperation between the following authorities:

  • Sweden: Swedish Prosecution Authority, National Public Prosecution Department, National Unit against Organised Crime; Swedish Police; Nordic Police and Customs Liaison Office for Serbia and Montenegro
  • Montenegro: Special State Prosecution Office of Montenegro; competent organisational units of the Police Directorate of Montenegro
  • Serbia: Public Prosecutors Office for Organised Crime; Serbian Police, Fugitive Active Search Team (FAST)
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