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Economic ties between the Netherlands and Peru are creating a bridge between continents and promoting growth

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By Juan Luis Reus

A robust and diverse economic alliance has been formed between the Netherlands and Peru that encompasses trade, tourism, and investment. The strength of this relationship has increased with time, driven by shared interests, principles, and a commitment to promoting sustainable development.

The trade relationship between the Netherlands and Peru has seen substantial expansion in recent years. The Netherlands has consistently been one of Peru’s leading trade partners, with the total trade volume reaching almost €2,000 million in 2022. Agricultural products like avocados, asparagus, grapes, quinoa, cacao and coffee are the primary exports from Peru to the Netherlands. Retailers and foodservice businesses throughout the Netherlands receive these food items from Dutch companies who import them.

The European market is served by the Port of Rotterdam as an important entry point for Peruvian food products. On the other hand, machinery, chemicals, and refined petroleum products are the primary exports of the Netherlands to Peru.

The EU-Peru FTA, which became effective in 2013, has been a crucial factor in facilitating trade between the two countries. The FTA has reduced tariffs on over 95% of goods traded between the parties, making customs procedures simpler and improving market access.

Peru, with its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and lively cities, has become a favorite travel destination for tourists from the Netherlands. In 2019, Peru received over 35,000 Dutch visitors, which greatly contributed to the country’s tourism revenue.

Peru has been receiving a lot of attention from the Netherlands as a travel destination due to its unique attractions and varied experiences. Peru’s attractiveness to Dutch travelers has been enhanced by collaborative marketing campaigns, tourism expos, and cultural exchange programs.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru is a popular destination for Dutch tourists due to its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and bustling cities. Unique opportunities for adventure travel and eco-tourism are provided by the country’s diverse ecosystems, which include the Andes Mountains and Amazon rainforest.

Ancient Inca ruins, colonial architecture, and traditional handicrafts are among the cultural attractions of Peru. Peruvian customs and traditions can be seen through the country’s vibrant festivals, such as Inti Raymi and Carnaval de Cajamarca.

On average, Dutch tourists spend €2,000 per person during their two-week stay in Peru. They frequently visit various cities, including Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu, and partake in activities like hiking, trekking, and rafting.

Cocoa beans from Peru

Peru’s tourism future looks promising. Infrastructure development is being invested in, air connectivity is being enhanced, and sustainable tourism practices are being promoted by the country. More tourists from the Netherlands and other countries are expected to visit Peru in the future.

It is possible for Peru to become one of the most popular long-distance travel destinations for Dutch travelers. Those looking for an authentic and enriching travel experience can find it appealing in the country’s unique attractions, diverse experiences, and sustainability commitment.

The Netherlands has become a major investor in Peru, helping to promote economic growth and development in the country. Mining, agriculture, energy, and infrastructure are just some of the many sectors that Dutch companies have heavily invested in.

Peru’s abundant natural resources, favorable investment climate, and growing market potential are the reasons why the Netherlands invest there. Dutch companies have played a significant role in developing Peru’s infrastructure, expanding its mining operations, and enhancing its agricultural productivity.

The economic ties between the Netherlands and Peru are poised to continue to grow and expand. The strong foundations laid by the EU-Peru FTA, the flourishing tourism sector, and the robust investment flows provide a solid basis for further economic collaboration. The Peruvian people’s lives have been improved by these investments, which have helped create jobs, boost economic growth, and improve their lives.

As both countries prioritize sustainable development and social inclusion, there is a chance for cooperation in areas like renewable energy, environmental protection, and social entrepreneurship. The Netherlands and Peru could greatly benefit from strengthening their economic partnership, fostering mutual prosperity, and dealing with shared global challenges.

About the author:

Juan Luis Reus

Juan Luis Reus is the Director of Promperu* Offices in the Netherlands.

*Promperu, officially known as the Peruvian Commission for the Promotion of Export and Tourism

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