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International Gender Champions – New Year’s Champions Breakfast Meeting in The Hague

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The IGC New Year’s Champions Breakfast Meeting, held on 18 January at the Swiss Residence, inaugurated a series of four annual events convened by the Hague Steering Committee. Comprising the Embassies of Switzerland, Canada, and Colombia, alongside the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, the newly formed Steering Committee introduced themselves to The Hague Champions on this significant occasion. The event aimed to foster dialogue and collaboration among leaders committed to dismantling gender barriers and advancing gender equality in their respective spheres of influence.

The breakfast served as a platform for the Champions to delve into the nuanced topic of Gender and International Criminal Law. Drawing insights from the recent two-day Conference on Gender and International Criminal Law, orchestrated by Women’s Initiatives and collaborators, the co-editors of the seminal book, Gender and International Criminal Law, Indira Rosenthal and Susana SáCouto, delivered a thematic address. Their scholarly input laid the groundwork for stimulating discussions among the Champions, exploring the complexities of this pertinent issue.

Present were, among others the host, H.E. Ms. Corinne Ciceron Buhler, Ambassador of Switzerland, H.E. Ms. Shefali Razdan Duggal, Ambassador of USA, H.E. Mr. François Alabrune, Ambassador of France, H.E. Ms Elizabeth Ward Neiman, Ambassador of Panama, H.E. Dr. Jose Eduardo Malaya, Ambassador of the Philippines, H.E. Dr. Carolina Olarte Bacares, Ambassador of Colombia, H.E. Mr  Greg French, Ambassador of Australia, International Criminal Court’s Registrar, Dr. Osvaldo Zavala.

The International Gender Champions (IGC) is a global leadership network that unites decision-makers dedicated to eliminating gender barriers and turning gender equality into a tangible reality within their domains. More information about the IGC and its mission can be found on their website:

The New Year’s Breakfast Meeting served as a platform for meaningful discussions, networking, and the exchange of ideas on advancing gender equality. As the International Gender Champions initiative continues to gain momentum, events like these play a crucial role in mobilizing leaders and catalyzing positive change on the path toward a more inclusive and equitable world.

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