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Erez Corporate Service – Your Gateway to Success in the Netherlands

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25 Years of Excellence: Pioneers Licensed by the Dutch Central Bank

Erez Corporate Service proudly stands as one of the first entities licensed by the Dutch Central Bank under the Trust Offices Supervision Act (Wtt) in 2004. With an impressive 25 years of experience, we have evolved from a family business into a trusted name in the industry. Clients aren’t just clients to us; they’re family.

Your Company, Our Expertise

At Erez, we redefine corporate services, offering a seamless one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Whether it’s management, domiciliation, accounting, or legal services, taking care of the complete administration, including tax filing, for our (international) customers, we act as your eyes, ears, and hands in the Netherlands. Our commitment is unwavering, bridging international legislative, tax-related, and cultural gaps on your behalf.

Expertise That Matters

Sustainable client relationships are the foundation of our success. Our international in-house team, alongside auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, and notary officers in our vast network, ensure that your business interests are served diligently. Expertise matters, and at Erez, it’s a cornerstone of our service.

Internationally Close to You

From EMEA countries and Asia to North and South America, clients worldwide benefit from Erez Corporate Services. Situated in Hilversum, near Amsterdam, and conveniently close to Schiphol International Airport, we make it our mission to be accessible. With professionals fluent in Dutch, French, English, German, Russian, and Hebrew, we’re always at your service, making sure you feel like we’re just around the corner.

Dedicated to Meeting Your Business Goals

Looking to establish or expand your business internationally? Erez Corporate Service has the knowledge and experience to guide you. Benefit from the stability, EU membership, favorable tax rates, and treaties with over one hundred countries that the Netherlands offers. Share your corporate ambitions with us, and we’ll make it our personal business to help you achieve them.

Ready to elevate your business to new heights? Choose Erez Corporate Services – where your success is our priority. Contact us today to embark on a journey of excellence and prosperity!

Harry Blik

Erez Corporate Service B.V.

Koninginneweg 31
1217 KR  Hilversum  
The Netherlands
+31 35 621 8282



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