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Wonderful Things -Tutankhamun : The Boy King, his Tomb and Treasures by Lucia Gahlin

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We invite you to join us for a live lecture given by Lucia Gahlin on ‘Wonderful Things -Tutankhamun:  The Boy King, his Tomb, and Treasures’ in the Warenar on Tuesday 12th March 2024 at 20.00 hrs.  

In 2022, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of one of history’s most astounding archaeological discoveries: Howard Carter’s excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

The mere mention of this boy-king conjures images of ancient splendour and intrigue. In this lecture Lucia Gahlin invites us to explore the fascinating intricacies of the tomb’s design and decoration, nestled in the Valley of the Kings. From the breathtaking gold funerary mask to the meticulously crafted board games, you will be transported

back in time to marvel at the exquisite treasures and captivating artistry that adorn the walls of this extraordinary burial site. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of ancient Egypt’s mysteries with Lucia Gahlin’s illuminating lecture.

Embark on an enduring journey through ancient Egypt with Lucia Gahlin, a seasoned Egyptologist with a wealth of experience. From delving into Egyptian museums to leading excavations, Lucia’ s expertise runs deep. Now, she is focused on sharing her wealth of knowledge through captivating lectures. With a prestigious background as an Honorary Research Associate at University College London’s Institute of Archaeology and teaching Egyptology at various UK universities, Lucia’s insights are unparalleled. Currently based at London’s Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, Lucia also leads exhilarating tours to Egypt, bringing the wonders of the ancient world to life. Her profound contributions to the field shine through in her acclaimed publications, including Egypt: gods, myths, religion.

Lucia’s esteemed positions, including Former Director of Bloomsbury Summer School at UCL and Chair of the Friends of the Petrie Museum, reflect her unwavering dedication to advancing our understanding of ancient Egypt. Join us for an enlightening experience as Lucia Gahlin unravels the mysteries of this captivating civilization!

All are warmly invited to seize this unique opportunity and participate in person for an enriching experience. For those unable to attend the Warenar in person the lecture will also be broadcasted via Zoom webinar, allowing remote participation for registered attendees.

Don’t miss this enlightening opportunity. Secure your spot today and prepare for an engaging journey through history!

To register for this lecture, please visit our website at:


Please ensure that you register before Monday, 11 March 2024. The Warenar doors open at 19.15 hrs.The lecture will commence at 20:00 on Tuesday, 12 March. For non-members, the guest fee for attending one lecture is €15. Membership fees for the entire season, which includes access to 8 lectures and other activities, are €75 for individuals and €140 for couples. Half-year memberships are also available at €37.50 for individuals and €70 for couples. Students are eligible for a half-price membership.

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