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NRW Premier Wüst hosts Nordic ambassadors in Germany

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Friday, 22 March 2024, Berlin, Germany: Premier Hendrik Wüst welcomed the ambassadors of the Nordic states accredited in Germany, namely, Susanne Hyldelund (Denmark); Veronika Wand-Danielsson (Sweden); Kai Sauer (Finland); Laila Stenseng (Norway) and María Erla Marelsdóttir (Iceland) for an exchange.

The focus of the conversation was on current political issues such as the Russian attack on Ukraine, the economic situation and the role of industry in the climate-neutral transformation. Opportunities for cooperation between North Rhine-Westphalia and the Nordic states, which as highly industrialized and export-oriented economic regions have many similarities, were also discussed. There is a wide range of potential for closer cooperation, particularly in climate-neutral transformation and fossil-free energy production.

Premier Hendrik Wüst as per statement in its native German text linked below: “The Nordic countries are key players for increasing the speed towards climate neutrality and digitization. We are united by the goal of bringing together a competitive and export-oriented industry with a climate-neutral economy. There are a variety of cooperation opportunities here. The Nordic states are also an important partner in security policy following the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO. In particular, supporting Ukraine after Russia’s brutal attack is of common interest.”

The Nordic countries include the northern European countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. There is a close partnership between the Nordic states, which cover almost 3.5 million square kilometers and have around 26 million inhabitants, particularly due to their historical, cultural and linguistic connections.

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