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Discover Brazilian Cinema: “Pureza” Premieres in the Netherlands at the 2nd Latin American FilmFest

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The Embassy of Brazil in The Hague proudly announces the Netherlands’ premiere screening of the acclaimed Brazilian film “Pureza,” directed by Renato Barbieri. This special presentation will take place at Filmhuis Lumen in Delft on Saturday, June 15, at 16:10, as part of the 2nd Latin American FilmFest.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, June 15
  • Time: 16:10
  • Location: Filmhuis Lumen, Doelenplein 5, 2611 BP Delft
  • Entry: Tickets are available here
  • Language: Portuguese audio with English subtitles

Film Synopsis:

“Pureza” tells the powerful story of Pureza Lopes Loyola, a mother on a relentless quest to find her missing son in the vast expanse of the Amazon. Her journey takes a harrowing turn when she secures a job on a farm, only to discover the cruel and inhumane treatment of enslaved workers. Confronted with these brutal realities, Pureza faces the daunting challenge of not only finding her son but also escaping to alert the authorities to the atrocities she has witnessed.

Based on true events, the film masterfully highlights the complex issues of deforestation, crime, and modern-day slavery through the deeply personal and inspiring narrative of a mother’s love and resilience. Pureza Lopes Loyola has since become an emblematic figure in the fight against forced labor, symbolizing hope and justice in the face of adversity.

A Collaborative Effort

This event is presented in collaboration between the Brazilian Embassy in The Hague, Gaya Filmes, and Filmhuis Lumen. Their joint efforts aim to bring the richness and diversity of Brazilian cinema to a wider audience in the Netherlands.

An Invitation to Experience

We warmly invite the diplomatic community, cinephiles, and the general public to attend this exclusive screening. “Pureza” a cinematic masterpiece and a stirring call to action and awareness about significant social issues affecting many communities today. This event offers a unique opportunity to engage with Brazilian culture and cinema, promising an afternoon of profound storytelling and reflection.

For more information and to secure your tickets, please visit Filmhuis Lumen’s website.

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