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Croatia: Celebration of the 34th Statehood Day

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By Roy Lie Atjam

On the bright morning of May 30, 2024, H.E.Ms. Dubravka Plejić Marković, Ambassador of Croatia, organized a reception at the Chancellery in The Hague to celebrate her country’s Statehood Day.

The event was attended by friends of Croatia, business associates, international representatives, patriots, and a high turnout of Ambassadors, including the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, the Ambassador of Yemen  and those from Armenia, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus, Costa Rica,  Estonia, Ghana, Greece, Moldova, Morocco and Poland.

Also the ambassadors of Romania, Tanzania, Turkey, Spain, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, the Director General of OPCW and the Nuncius. They all came by to felicitate Ambassador Dubravka Plejić Marković on this significant day.

Ambassadors attending the Croatian celebration of the 34th Statehood Day on May 30th.

In her welcome address Ambassador Dubravka Plejić Marković stated the following. We are observing Statehood Day in memory of May 30, 1990, when 34 years ago Croatian people, as many others in Central and Eastern Europe following the Fall of the Berlin Wall decided to march toward democracy thus breaking from decades of communist rule.

On that historic day, first multi-party democratic parliament was constituted in Zagreb and foundation for our statehood was laid down.

Ambassador Markovic during her speech. May 30th 2024.

Everything that followed was led by determination of Croatian people to exercise rights conferred upon them. However, long national struggle toward full sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity ensued. As we stand here today, 34 years after historic shifts, we are sadly reminded that our societies are facing again many global challenges as well as wars and war mongering.

Today, unlike in the recent past, we do not stand alone. Our membership in international and regional organization and alliances, in organizations such as the OPCW and international cooperation with many of your countries is making us stronger and more resilient.

The guests were able to enjoy a selection of Croatian wines, foods and pastries.

Croatian wines.

The wonderful atmosphere provided a great opportunity to socialize and reconnect.

Croatia 34th Statehood Day. May 30th 2024, The Hague.
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