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Kosovo Celebrates  25th Anniversary of Liberation by NATO Troops

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By Roy Lie Atjam

Spoken Music was an artistic performance by Luan Buleshkaj and Arben Ramadani to commemorate the liberation of Kosovo on 12 June 1999 by NATO troops. This year marks the 25th anniversary.

The performance included a spoken word act in English, Albanian, and Dutch by Luan Buleshkaj, accompanied by Arben Ramadani, piano. The artists created an interaction between the music and poetry, delivering messages about local and global (Kosovo) themes in an engaging manner.

Arben Ramadani and Luan Buleshkaj.

The performance took place on 3rd June in The Hague.  H.E. Mr. Dren Doli, Ambassador of Kosovo, welcomed the guests and emphasized the importance of commemorating the liberation of Kosovo, a historical event celebrated annually by the Embassy of Kosovo in The Hague.

The artistic spectacle was well attended by a diverse audience of Dutch and international guests, including Ambassadors, representatives from Dutch ministries, international organizations in the Netherlands, NGOs, and members of the Kosovar diaspora.

Ambassador Doli with diplomats and spouses attending the event.

The evening concluded with a reception featuring snacks from the gorgeous Kosovar cuisine.

About the artists:

Pianist Arben Ramadani.

Mr Arben Ramadani is an improvisational pianist and has incorporated his unique, subtle, and interactive style in his work.

The influence of Albanian spiritual idiom is evident in his compositions and playing, defining his music.

Luan Buleshkaj

Mr Luan Buleshkaj is a renowned word artist known for his performances on many esteemed Dutch stages. His work is characterized by puns, language discoveries, rhythm, and a powerful delivery. With over 15 years in the industry, he has received the Fringe Festival Award and the 2020 Ramses Shaffy Prize.

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