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The 78th Anniversary of the Italian Republic at Pulchri Studio

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By Beatrice Levorato Barsotti

On June 4th, more than 500 people gathered at the picturesque Pulchri Studio, an artist’s association and contemporary arts gallery, to celebrate the National Day of the Italian Republic. Organized by the Italian Embassy in The Hague, the event marked the 78th anniversary of the Italian Republic’s proclamation, established in 1946 following a referendum deciding between a monarchy and a constitutional republic.

Prominent representatives of the Dutch government attended the celebration, including Jan Anthonie Bruijn, Chairman of the Senate of the States General; Erik Westrate, Director of the Europe Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and House of Representatives members Ulysse Ellian and Casper Veldkamp. Heads of  international organizations in The Hague, ambassadors, embassy officials, family, and friends were also present.

More than 400 people gathered at the picturesque Pulchri Studio to celebrate “il Giorno della Repubblica”

In his opening remarks, H.E. Ambassador Giorgio Novello, who has served in the Netherlands for four years, expressed his deep appreciation for his Dutch friends and colleagues. He highlighted his positive experiences in the Netherlands, both personally and professionally, and emphasized the strong bilateral relations between Italy and the Netherlands, noting that these relations continue to uncover common ground daily. Having visited all 12 provinces of the Netherlands, he pointed out the cultural and linguistic diversity within the country, drawing a parallel with Italy.

Erik Westrate, Director of the Europe Department, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Erik Westrate also spoke, sharing a fond memory from his time at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome. As a young diplomat, he enjoyed lunches at the Centro Diplomatico, recalling the warm atmosphere with Italian colleagues and jokes about different ways of getting coffee. Westrate highlighted Italy’s cultural significance to the Netherlands, noting its influence on Dutch education in architecture, music, and the classical arts. He emphasized the shared values and commitment of both countries to address global challenges, particularly climate change, stressing the need for continued collaboration.

Ambassador Novello, a skilled polyglot, delivered parts of his speech in Papiamento, to honor the Caribbean nations of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and in Esperanto, to acknowledge Dutch internationalism and the presence of the Esperanto Universal Union in Rotterdam. He also spoke in Dutch, Italian, and English. His speech conveyed a message of unity and fraternity between Italy and the Netherlands, emphasizing their fruitful collaboration and excellent bilateral relations. He praised the shared characteristic of being direct and combative when addressing important issues.

Ambassador Novello and his wife Bianca.

The Ambassador also acknowledged the event’s sponsors, highlighting their role in the economic relationship between Italy and the Netherlands. He thanked the Italian Culture Institute, the Consular Offices, the Embassy staff, and his wife, Miss Bianca.

The guests then enjoyed an Italian-style reception, where they connected over local products from various regions of Italy, spread across three rooms of the venue. Throughout the reception, the atmosphere was lively and festive, with guests engaging in animated conversations and forging new connections. The event provided a perfect blend of cultural celebration and culinary delight, embodying the spirit of Italian hospitality.

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