Monday, July 15, 2024
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Ambassador Giorgio Novello

The 78th Anniversary of the Italian Republic at Pulchri Studio

By Beatrice Levorato Barsotti On June 4th, more than 500 people gathered at the picturesque Pulchri Studio, an artist’s association and contemporary arts gallery, to...

Neo Futurism in Pulchri

By John Dunkelgrün On a dark, cold, and wet December day, a large group of people had accepted the invitation of the Embassy of Italy...

Women, University and the Advancement of Knowledge

A tribute to Elena Cornaro Piscopia and Aletta Jacobs Text and pictures by John Dunkelgrün On June 27th H.E. Mr. Giorgio Novello hosted a remarkable symposium...

The Italian Embassy honors International Holocaust Remembrance Day

By John Dunkelgrün On January 27th, H.E. Sr. Giorgio Novello invited fellow ambassadors, heads of international organizations, rabbis, and others to a gathering in the...

Biblioteca Pacifico Marchesini

The library at the new Italian Embassy was dedicated in honour of Mr. Pacifico Marchesini. Over half a year ago Mr. Marchesini was awarded the title of ‘Righteous among the Nations’ by Yad Vashem.

An Italian hero, Pacifico Marchesini

By John Dunkelgrün It isn’t usual for a columnist to write about his own family, but then, this isn’t a usual case. Pacifico Marchesini came...

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