Monday, February 6, 2023
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Diplomatic Pouch

Keep calm and carry on!

By Alexandra Paucescu From our first encounter, at a long walk in Tiergarten, Berlin’s popular park, Olivia seemed to me the kind of woman who...

Power of the Female State Presidents – Finland

By Sara AlDhahri Despite widespread worldwide initiatives, such as those focused on ending poverty and expanding access to education, the humankind continues to struggle with...

Lessons from Ukraine

John Dunkelgrün reflections on new year. “Let us hope the new year will be better than the last one”, was a wish one could hear from almost everyone since January 1st, 2023. It is easy to understand with so many things going wrong in the previous one.

Leonardo’s Faces-Chantalle Shen-Ai Kaljee

Chantalle Shen-Ai Kaljee work with passion at Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague, after graduate from HotelSchool. Chantalle talks about her impression of diplomatic events.

Revolutionizing Traditional Diplomacy

Public diplomacy comes to renew the bureaucratic, passive and hermetic traditional diplomacy.

Textiles, dress and embroidery: universal languages with many dialects

The Textile Research Centre (TRC) in Leiden studies the skills of textile and garment production, and what people want to express when wearing their clothes, namely the language of dress. It is a knowledge centre that is actively involved in the preservation, interpretation and future of this specific, but universal part of cultural heritage.

The Brussels-based bubble is a long time ago no longer infallible

General (Ret) Corneliu Pivariu refers to Austria’s veto on Romania’s joining the Schengen area and about the letter of Professor Sorin Ilieșiu addressed recently to the Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

Escaping Prison of the Past to Architecture the Future

By Pia Poppenreiter "We need principles and values as most issues can only be solved together as a global society!" were the strong opening words...

The Chakra Piano Lessons

Elaine Engelbrecht said: When you are into the diplomatic world, you certainly need to get strong. As a nomad by heart, I’m always excited about the next adventure at the horizon

Employees working from home: 6 points employers should keep in mind

For many employees, their homes have become a second workplace, while some employees even work from home permanently. What do you as employer have...

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