Monday, February 6, 2023
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Diplomatic Pouch

Palestine et la justice internationale : à propos d’une récente tentative auprès de la Cour internationale de Justice

La Quatrième Commission de l'Assemblée générale des Nations Unies a adopté une résolution demandant à la Cour internationale de justice de se prononcer sur les effets de l'occupation et de la colonisation illégales des territoires palestiniens par Israël.  

Employees working from home: 6 points employers should keep in mind

For many employees, their homes have become a second workplace, while some employees even work from home permanently. What do you as employer have...

The Commitment of the US Intelligence to Human Rights

William J. Donovan, will be remember as the protagonist of countless operations aimed at restoring freedom and democracy to many western nations. Donovan worked hard to train the information service and was the source of important international collaborations.

Moscow State University celebrates its 270th anniversary

In January 2025 Lomonosov Moscow State University will celebrate 270 years. Preparations are underway for a large celebration of this major event.

Leonardo Faces – Mattia Rivillito

What I especially learned by working with different diplomats is; treat every guest equally and with respect. Especially if you work with a lot of diplomats you get to know what you expect and what they want.

The end of unity: How the Russian Orthodox Church lost Ukraine

The Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church, defines its territory of spiritual responsibility in the borders of the Soviet Union—except for the old churches of Armenia and Georgia. Still dozens of theologians and scholars of religion elaborated on the complicated relationship within the church community of the Holy Rus’

Scoring a Goal for Latin America and the Caribbean in Plastic Pollution Talks

Scoring a goal towards ending plastic pollution is in the best interest of Latin America and the Caribbean and regional positioning is of essence. 

Welcome to The Hague!

The municipality of The Hague invests in making the city attractive for internationals by offering support and advice to newcomers, English language information and services, affordable education for international children and lots of ways to enjoy the Sea and green around the city.

The Life of a Diplomatic Child 

Fernanda is diplomatic child growing up in between Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

Samarqand in the Diplomatic Spotlight

International summit of the Organization of Turkic States in Samarkand

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