Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Cultural diplomacy

Pakistani Art by the North Sea

By Roy Lie Atjam The Pakistan Embassy in the Netherlands has organized an exhibition of Pakistani contemporary art “PAKART”  in The Hague. The exhibition runs from...

Cultural and Art Diplomacy – The Example of Portugal’s Consulate-General in Newark

Art Diplomacy, within the broadest context of Cultural Diplomacy, constitutes the central core of this article. The importance that Portugal currently gives to said types of Diplomacy warrants particular attention in this work. The emotional aspect of Art Diplomacy and its implementation are highlighted in this article, through exclusive interviews with Portugal's Consul-General in Newark and with the representative of the Camões Institute in that same U.S. city, taking into account not only immigrants comprising the Portuguese community together with people of Portuguese descent, but also American citizens.

Soft Power in Diplomacy: An Ideal Strategy for Small Island Developing States

By Ms. Sonia Marville-Carter, Consul General of Barbados in Toronto The term “Soft Power in Diplomacy” is considered by some as new wrapping on an...

Art is a Mirror of the Magnitude of Human Achievement

But also a Message of How Fragile Those Achievements Are In the picture Dr. Sofija Bajrektarevic, Culture for peace to culture of peace (left); Reine...

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