Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Eleni Vasiliki Bampaliouta

Aeolus’ bag opened for Israel and Palestine

The war in the Middle East is now in uncharted waters By Eleni Vasiliki Bampaliouta 20 days ago, completely suddenly for us Westerners, a powerful conflict...

Geopolitical and geostrategic arc with India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Cyprus and Greece

By Eleni Vasiliki Bampaliouta After 40 years the Prime Minister of India visits Greece It is the first time, after 40 years, that an Indian Prime...

Hellenic Cultural Diplomacy an interview with Peter Dennis Kapsaskis

By Eleni Vasiliki Bampaliouta The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy  is a Greek scientific non-governmental organization, which was founded in Athens on March 25, 2017...

Exploring Technology / Knowledge Transfer in the Netherlands

By Eleni Vasiliki Bampaliouta The educational trip for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, within the framework of the Entrepreneurial University program, with the participation...

Erdogan again at the helm of the government – The new reality of the third Erdogan decade

By Eleni Vasiliki Bampaliouta The longest-lived leader who will ultimately remain in the History of Turkey. Masterfully "playing" the "card" of nationalism and anti-Western rhetoric,...

​Marrakesh- People against the Islamic State​​

A ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh reunited 79 countries in Marrakech.

The most destructive fire of all time in Greece.

 More than 1 million forest areas were burned Greece experienced the biggest ecological disaster last summer. Third in the ranking in the Mediterranean - after...

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