Monday, October 2, 2023
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Marco Pizzorno

Information pollution in the era of disinformation

By Marco Pizzorno The impact of disinformation on human rights is a growing concern in contemporary society. Disinformation, defined as the deliberate spread of false...

Human rights challenges in interethnic conflicts

Interethnic conflicts pose significant human rights challenges that require a concerted effort from governments, civil society organizations, and the international community to address. These conflicts occur when groups of people from different ethnic backgrounds clash due to differences in culture, religion, or language, and often result in human rights violations on a massive scale, including forced displacement, torture, rape, and even genocide. To prevent violations in inter-ethnic conflicts, it is essential to address the root causes of the conflicts and to promote dialogue, reconciliation, and respect for human rights. Governments and other actors must take proactive measures to prevent conflicts from escalating and to hold those responsible for violations accountable.

Is it time to recognize the woman as a human being?

Afghan women education under the new regime By Marco Pizzorno The scream of Afghan women shakes the consciences of all humanity. Geopolitical revolutions are changing the...

Is “Disease X” the virus that will kill more than Covid-19?

By Marco Pizzorno. The mysterious story told by CNN opens up new apocalyptic scenarios in the not too distant future. As reported by the...

When the economy inducts to suicide, who is the killer?

By Marco Pizzorno. National companies are now committed to fighting against a common evil that brings to memory the plagues of Egypt. A change...

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