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Is it time to recognize the woman as a human being?

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Afghan women education under the new regime

By Marco Pizzorno

The scream of Afghan women shakes the consciences of all humanity. Geopolitical revolutions are changing the face of many Asian countries and unfortunately these metamorphoses affect, more and more frequently, the rights of the defenseless and the personal dignity of those oppressed by war.

The recent compliance with international agreements, which saw the US take troops home after almost twenty years of war, triggered a real humanitarian catastrophe that hit the Afghan population. Media around the world have picked up on the desperate attempts of people trying to cling to the planes of “Democracy”. And on this point it is really difficult to deny or forget what the frightened eyes of the population have written on the pages of history.

After the establishment of the new policies, in Afghanistan, what shook the world was the suffering of women, now revealed, evident, global and finally no longer hidden.

Precisely on this topic the BBC reported news of violence and segregation, describing in fact, that even the Afghan universities will be divided by gender and new rules on costume and clothing will also be imposed by the authorities. Although the new government has assured that it will guarantee education and work for women, the concerns of the international community remain high, because in reality the problem is everyone’s. It is linked to life and human dignity and on this point there are no flags of belonging.

Human Rights Watch illustrates how previously the administrations established in those territories, between 1996 and 2001, denied rights to women by imposing stoning, torture and confinement in homes, and in many cases not only the right to work, but also that of a simple outdoor walk.

At this point the reflections compulsively ask us to question the need to strengthen the Cedaw Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Its doctrine is fundamental as it develops precisely on the distinction, exclusion or limitation to the detriment of women. It works to ensure conditions of equality between men and women and all those fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural and civil sectors.

The convention fights to eradicate any discrimination practiced by people, entities and organizations and takes action to eliminate coercion in addition to “customary” and discriminatory practices. The question is important and is linked by reflex to terrorism and its perverse manipulative perceptions. Precisely for this reason, the most useful question to guarantee global individual dignity would be to ask ourselves if, in full respect of all religions and international laws, it was now the time to unite in diversity to change things?

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