Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Mayor of The Hague

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2024

By John Dunkelgrün January 29th, 2024, marked the sixth seminar of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day The Hague. It was held in the Academy Building of...

The Hague’s Annual Diplomatic Corps Reception: A Blend of Culture, Diplomacy, and Commitment to Global Issues

The Mayor of The Hague, Mr. Jan van Zanen, once again played host to a prestigious annual event that brought together members of the...

The Hague Academy of International Law, “A century of devotion to the study  international legal principles and rules – from 1923 to 2023”

The Hague Academy of International Law celebrated its centenary during the last week of May with a festive program held in the premises of the Academy in the new wing of the Peace Palace. The Academy was conceived during the second Peace Conference in the Hague in 1907, and was ready to start in October 1914, but the Great War (WW1) intervened, so the first courses could only be held in the Peace Palace in 1923. The Academy has been famous for its worldwide appeal, due in large measure to the excellence of the professors and of the students. The Hague Academy of International Law is well known in the world, probably more so than in the Netherlands. The General Assembly of the UN annually calls upon States to support this grand old institution for the study, teaching, and dissemination of international law.

A call to us all

By the Honorable Jan van Zanen, Mayor of the city of The Hague. As you might expect, my first 100 days as Mayor of...

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