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Violins from The Hague in Europe’s top venues

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By Dmitry Badiarov, violin-maker max.

 As this feature is being written, Sergey Malov, an award winning violinist is performing on the stage of one of the most prestigious concert halls in Spain, the Auditorio Nacional de Musica in Madrid. The program is Johann Sebastian Bach, two Suites for violoncello da spalla, György Ligeti, Sonata for a viola solo and  Luciano Berio, Naturale, a work inspired by sicilian melodies for viola and percussions. Instruments on stage are a viola by Pietro Gaggini and violoncello da spalla by Dmitry Badiarov, built in The Hague. As the program shows, Sergey Malov is a rare kind of virtuoso performing on several instruments with equal proficiency. He has won prizes on violin and viola at several competitions: Paganini 2006, Heifetz 2009, ARD 2009 (Viola), Tokyo Viola Competition 2010, W. A. Mozart Salzburg Competition (Violin) and Michael Hill International Violin Competition 2011.

Early next year he will be giving a master-class in The Hague at Badiarov Violins gallery and workshop on Noordeinde. The target audience: violinist, violists and cellists, as well as general music connoisseurs. The master-class will take place in February 1-2 from 10:00 till 17:00. Maximum number of active participants is limited to six and more information is available on my website

Sergey Malov has been invited to play concertos on both violin and viola by the London, Tokyo and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestras, the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks in Munich, and Camerata Salzburg and the Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg. His instrument collection includes a violin by Peter Greiner (2004), a viola by Pietro Gaggini (1958) on loan from the Foundation Carlo van Neste, and two instruments by Dmitry Badiarov: violoncello da spalla built especially for him in 2011 and a baroque violin commissioned by Sergey Malov and completed in October 2013. On the latter two instruments he recently debuted at Berlin Philharmonic with Italian concertos for violin and violoncello da spalla, accompanied by the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin.


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